How safe is your home on holiday? #WinterWithChill


Going on holiday is an exciting time for anyone, but have you ever wondered how safe your home is when you are away? We ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off at the mains, leave the boiler ticking over in case of any cold weather and switch the alarms on, but going away is fraught with other issues now too! Now travellers who are burgled while on holiday risk having home insurance claims rejected if they announced their plans… Continue Reading “How safe is your home on holiday? #WinterWithChill”

Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker

After seeing reviews last year of the Chill Factor Slushy Maker last year and subsequently purchasing some for my teens, I was excited to be offered the Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker to review. The kit promises that is is an amazing, quick and easy “at home” ice cream making sensation which makes fresh, natural, soft serve ice cream in minutes with no mess and no fuss! Step 1: ¬†Freeze the Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker until it is frozen… Continue Reading “Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker”