The Penguin Party Personalised Children’s Book

Sebastian Book

Sebby is a reluctant reader, but one thing that I find makes him want to read, is when the book is about him. I was invited to review The Penguin Party, a personalised children’s book which focuses on values that children will need to navigate life and grow in self-confidence. Ordering the book is simple, simply follow the instructions on the website, starting with your child’s name. You can then create an image of your child using their preset choices… Continue Reading “The Penguin Party Personalised Children’s Book”

‘When I grow up, I’m going to play for Chelsea’ book review and giveaway

Chelsea book

Does your child dream of playing for their favourite football club? Playing football for your team is a rite of passage for many youngsters and at one point or another, all of my boys have dreamed of playing for Chelsea and had their rooms adorned with pictures of their favourite players, branded bedding and even signed shirts. We were sent “When I grow up, I’m going to play for Chelsea” book to review which is part of the ‘When I… Continue Reading “‘When I grow up, I’m going to play for Chelsea’ book review and giveaway”

Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour

Night Zookeeper

Anything that fires children’s imaginations is a hit in my book and we have been struggling with Isaac at school because if he doesn’t want to do something, no amount of persuasion will make him do it. It is a similar story with reading. He will read factual science books, anything about Dr Who and WWE but when it comes to stories he has never really been interested……..until now. We were sent the Night Zookeeper to review and Isaac has… Continue Reading “Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour”

Win a Star Wars StarFighter Workshop book

Star Wars

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and he has brainwashed influenced two of our boys to love it too. We even have a loft full of his old Star Wars toys which occasionally make it downstairs to be played with – under strict supervision of course. When we were approached to review some Star Wars books that are coming out this Christmas I knew that they would be a massive hit and it seems son number 3, Isaac, has… Continue Reading “Win a Star Wars StarFighter Workshop book”