I struggle with a few skin complaints and it was something I hoped that I wouldn’t pass down to my children.  When Sebastian was born he had very dry skin but a combination of moisturising and daily massage seems to have help immensely but now Eliza seems to be suffering with dry skin on her face thanks to the weather. I always try and use products that won’t irritate their skin but often find them bland and boring, but then came miamoo.   miamoo was born out of Apprentice star Saira Khan suffering for years with extremely dry skin.  The experts …

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ID Bracelets for Kids

    With half term creeping on us very quickly, it is time to think about places we can take the children to keep them entertained.  If you are anything like me you will worry about them getting lost and wish you had eyes in the back of your head, especially in busy places………..let me introduce you to the new, cool identity bracelet for kids. Safesport id is an identifying and medical bracelet that you can customize with your emergency information. In case of accident, emergency services may identify you, contact your family, know any allergies or diseases you may …

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