Lego Juniors

LEGO Juniors – Designed for Young Builders

LEGO is delighted to announce the launch of LEGO Juniors, its brand new property designed to bridge the gap between DUPLO and LEGO.  Tailor made for young builders between the ages of 4 and 7, LEGO Juniors provides the perfect introduction to the world of LEGO building. The simple to build models use the LEGO System bricks alongside larger elements and numbered pre-packed bags containing bricks for the various model parts so your child can keep track of and find the bricks when building, but can also create stages of play – e.g, let your child build one bag before …

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BabyMoo’s Dribble Bib Review

I first met the lovely Anna from at a local baby show in Bournemouth. I immediately fell in love with her cute baby clothes and found myself buying up items for both Sebastian, who was a bump at the time and Eliza. Eliza still adores her skull pettiskirt that she wore to rock out to Justin Fletcher and Dick n Dom at last years LolliBop festival and always gets lovely comments when she wears that or her tutu dress. I couldn’t resist Baby Moo’s slogan items and my favourite bib always gets a wry smile from those he see it – can …

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New Shoes

Why is it that the kids all need new shoes at the same time? Kian was complaining of wet feet and I found his shoes had split, whilst both Eliza and Isaac have grown. When the kids feet are still growing I insist on shoes that are properly measured to ensure they don’t damage their feet, especially for school as they wear them for such a long time. I don’t know about you but I hated Clarks queuing system for buying kids shoes where you take a ticket and wait for your number.  I always ended up frustrated that my number seemed …

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Set A Good Example: Do Parents’ Attitudes To Healthcare Affect Their Kids?

It’s no secret that bringing up a child is a great responsibility. From the day they are born to the day they leave home, much of your child’s life will be shaped by yours. For this reason, it’s not at all unusual for children to mirror their parents. There does remain some debate, however, surrounding the weight of smaller issues. While the matters which make up the larger parts of our personality – such as our political views and our sense of humour – are often traceable back to our parents, it’s not always so easy to decide when it …

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I struggle with a few skin complaints and it was something I hoped that I wouldn’t pass down to my children.  When Sebastian was born he had very dry skin but a combination of moisturising and daily massage seems to have help immensely but now Eliza seems to be suffering with dry skin on her face thanks to the weather. I always try and use products that won’t irritate their skin but often find them bland and boring, but then came miamoo.   miamoo was born out of Apprentice star Saira Khan suffering for years with extremely dry skin.  The experts …

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