Gifted: Say “Vamousse” to Head Lice

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With young children still at nursery and kids (hopefully) heading back to school on 8th March, it may only be a matter of weeks before you get the dreaded letter home saying head lice have been found on a child. A commonly held frustration by parents is that other parents are knowingly sending their kids to school with head lice and therefore cause the spread, but lice infestations are spread by undetected infestations that can take over a month to discover.… Continue Reading “Gifted: Say “Vamousse” to Head Lice”

5 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Child

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All children can lose their confidence at certain times, such as starting a new school year or are having a low period. It can be hard to help your child to regain their confidence; with this guide, it should help you to give them a little push in the right direction.  A good lunch can instantly boost their mood.  Just like breakfast, lunch can be a big part of your child’s day, whether that is at home or school. Having… Continue Reading “5 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Child”

Recognising The Signs of Asthma In Children


Asthma is a health condition found in both adults and children, involving the blockage of the airways, obstructing the passage of air to the lungs. In certain chronic cases, asthma can even be fatal. The good news is that it can be managed successfully. The trouble with asthma is that it can be challenging to diagnose. It may be confused with bronchitis or another respiratory tract illness (RTI). Diagnosing asthma presents particular challenges, particularly in children, and special care is… Continue Reading “Recognising The Signs of Asthma In Children”

5 Great Ways for Preserving Your Child’s Memories

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Kids grow up very soon. Rather than complaining about time, treasure moments before they disappear. Take a walk down the memory path with your children through the experiences that you have carefully kept over time. Children grow up ridiculously fast, so it is essential that their memories can be revived later. They love to see each other as children and marvel at the youthfulness of their mom and dad. There are parenting moments that are tough to get through and… Continue Reading “5 Great Ways for Preserving Your Child’s Memories”

Moral Values You Should Teach Your Children

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If you want your children to flourish (both academically and on a personal level) it is important that they understand the difference between wrong and right and how to treat people in an appropriate way. They need to understand what it means to be a hard-working, considerate person. A lot of this comes down to the moral values that you teach them, which can be explored within your home throughout their childhood. These can be things like saying please and… Continue Reading “Moral Values You Should Teach Your Children”