How to find the right childcare for you


When you have children, nothing quite prepares you for the enormity of your new role and it can often feel overwhelming. Then, just when you have got used to your new role and have found your parenting feet, your maternity leave ends and you need to make the decision whether to stay at home or head back into the workplace. Finding the right childcare for you can be a tricky business as there are many different types of childcare options… Continue Reading “How to find the right childcare for you”

Childcare Facilities aboard the Carnival Vista

On a Carnival cruise, kids can enjoy all the best parts of a family holiday and all the fun of a summer camp, all in one! Firstly, make sure you book the kids clubs online before you board as not only will it guarantee a space, but it also saves time once onboard. Carnival has well-organised activities for children, at Camp Ocean, organised by age. Penguins – age 2-5 years Stingrays – age 6-8 years Sharks – age 9-11 years There are… Continue Reading “Childcare Facilities aboard the Carnival Vista”

Au Pair, Nanny, or Nursery? Comparing Childcare Options


Whether you’re looking for a part-time babysitter or a full-time day nursery, selecting the right childcare option is a huge decision. One of the reasons why it can be so stressful is the very fact that you have so many options! So what are the differences between au pairs, nannies, and babysitters anyway? Here are a few ways to compare and contrast your options in order to find the best fit for your child. Nannies One of the most traditional… Continue Reading “Au Pair, Nanny, or Nursery? Comparing Childcare Options”

Mark Warner Sea Garden Holiday’s for Grown Ups

Back at the end of May 2015 we went to MW Sea Garden resort in Bodrum, Turkey and it was everything the perfect family break should be.  The travel and accommodation was just right and knowing the kids were happy and well cared for in the childcare  facilities they have on offer meant that hubby and I got to spend some time together too. Our first evening was spent finding our feet, we attended two short meetings on the lawn –… Continue Reading “Mark Warner Sea Garden Holiday’s for Grown Ups”

The Childcare at Mark Warner Sea Garden

MW SeaGarden

Before I first visited a Mark Warner resort back in September I was of the opinion that I would never be a parent that puts their children in a holiday club, but the fabulous childcare at Mark Warner changed my mind as I was travelling alone with Sebastian and it gave me the opportunity to try some of the activities that they have to offer which I would have been unable to do with him in tow. When we booked… Continue Reading “The Childcare at Mark Warner Sea Garden”