#iwill – Making social action part of life for 10-20 year-olds

Having got two children through their teenage years and with another going through it, there is one thing that frustrates me no-end. Lack of meaningful work for teenagers. Most companies will not employ a young person before they have officially reached school-leaving age due to the many employment restrictions on young workers, which therefore means that young people cannot find employment until after the last Friday of June of the school year in which they are 16. I remember having… Continue Reading “#iwill – Making social action part of life for 10-20 year-olds”

How to dedicate a small amount of family time to charity


Time with family is sacred to you. Despite a busy work schedule and your kids’ school commitments, you spend time together so your children know that you are there for them. Time spent together is how you pass on your love and teach your children about values. It’s where you build their sense of security and self-esteem and prepare them for their lives as adults. It is great when the time that you spend with your family includes activities that… Continue Reading “How to dedicate a small amount of family time to charity”

Ideas for supporting military charities in the UK

Pegasus Bridge

With a staggering 2,200 military charities established across the United Kingdom, the plight of our veterans is obviously a cause close to our hearts. Indeed, most of us have some kind of connection to the armed forces; it could be that our grandparents shared inspiring war stories when we were children or maybe a close relation is currently serving in a regiment; a friend, a brother, a partner? Unfortunately, all too often our veterans return to Britain suffering from serious mental… Continue Reading “Ideas for supporting military charities in the UK”

Pampers launch celebration of all that we do to make life #BetterForBaby


Today, Pampers release a short film which showcases just how babies bring out the best in us all; indeed, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to make life #BetterForBaby. Be it a thoughtful stranger helping you up the stairs, a stern security guard pulling faces to make a gurgly baby giggle, or a devoted Dad up before the larks for another night feed, Pampers’ new video highlights the universal truth that babies truly bring out the best in all of us,… Continue Reading “Pampers launch celebration of all that we do to make life #BetterForBaby”

#TeamHonkRelay – The Bournemouth Leg

As soon as heard about Team Honk’s ambitious plan to get bloggers to pass a relay baton around the country from Lands End to John O’Groats I wanted to be part of it. If I am honest the date came round extremely quickly and caught me a little by surprise.  I had initially volunteered to Kayak through Poole Harbour but the recent storms and flooding put pay to that idea.  I also made enquiries about taking the baton by boat,… Continue Reading “#TeamHonkRelay – The Bournemouth Leg”