What we are watching during Lockdown 3.0


One thing that has helped keep us sane is watching TV. Gone are the days of watching an episode and then waiting a week for the next one, now we like to binge watch a whole series (or two, or three), before moving on to the next one. My last what we are watching update was back in June and it is safe to say that we have watched some good, and bad series since then. BBC iPlayer Serpent The… Continue Reading “What we are watching during Lockdown 3.0”

Giveaway: Shane the Chef: Let’s Get Cooking recipe book for kids

Shane the Chef Cookbook

Sizzling saucepans! Fans of smash hit animated series Shane the Chef can get busy in the kitchen with his first ever cookbook,¬†¬†Shane the Chef: Let’s Get Cooking, from Candy Jar Books. Twenty of Shane’s simple, nutritious and most of all delicious recipes are featured in the book, from quick and easy basics to tasty meals and desserts. All of the healthy recipes featured are approved by the British Dietetic Association and there are also suggested ingredient swaps for fussy eaters.… Continue Reading “Giveaway: Shane the Chef: Let’s Get Cooking recipe book for kids”

“Can we build it? Yes we can!”


We have a bit of a set routine in our house in the mornings. Starting at 7am (ish) we stumble downstairs, Sebby normally demanding food or a drink immediately and I put the kettle on for the first cuppa of the day. The TV goes on and if Eliza chooses it is always Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly, Isaac is always CBBC and Sebby preferring CBeebies. Last week this changed thanks to the launch of Bob the Builder on… Continue Reading ““Can we build it? Yes we can!””