Kian 18

A month of change

This September has seen the biggest change in our household for some time. Kian has been counting down the days until he leaves for university since he finished his exams back in June and thankfully, he got into his first choice university. On Friday, we took him down to Bristol to move him in to his new accommodation. Until then, it was easy to take it in our stride that he would be leaving home and we busied ourselves with making sure he was ready for his new life at university. We helped him pack, raided our cupboards and found him …

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A Day of Rest, not anymore!!

I grew up in a small village in West Sussex and clearly remember shops being shut half day Wednesday’s and nothing was open on a Sunday other than the newsagent in the morning and the village pub.  Even supermarkets, which were a quarter of the size they are now, were only open 9-5. I was 15 when I started work in a local supermarket and I remember Sunday’s being a replenishment day.  I worked on the checkouts but often did overtime at double time on the shopfloor on a Sunday to help get the store ready for the next days …

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Mastering the art of the toddler nappy change

You would think with six children I would have mastered the art of the toddler nappy change, but Sebastian appears to be immune from everything I have in my armoury. If you have a young baby at home, changing a nappy isn’t the most pleasant of jobs but it’s fairly easy unless they have had an epic “poonani” and the contents of the nappy haven’t been contained as they should. Once baby has discovered the art of moving things get a little trickier. First comes the roll.  We all get excited when baby rolls for the first time, but don’t …

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Barbie Glam Bag

Barbie and the World’s First Ever Colour Changing Handbag

For the first time ever, state-of-the-art-colour-change technology will light up the UK as the team from Barbie unveil the hottest accessory this autumn, which has been selected by Hamley’s as one of their Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2014. The Barbie & Me Colour-Change Glam Bag magically changes colour to match any outfit by simply holding the bag against any item of clothing and pressing the button to match over 100 different shades. The bag also comes with lots of fab, clip-on Barbie accessories so that it can be personalised to suit any style statement.  There is even a mini …

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