Isaac Mountain Bike

Cycle More Challenge with Sudocrem

Cycling is a sport we love to do as a family and as the kids get more confident, we go a little bit further each time. After the success of their fundraising initiative with premature baby charity, Ickle Pickles last year, Sudocrem are doing another this year – this time based around the idea of getting families into cycling. Last year, a huge cycling boom during lockdown was reported, with families taking up the sport as a result of basically not being able to do much else! This year, Sudocrem, in partnership with Ickle Pickles, Cycle UK, Dame Sarah Storey …

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1000 Hours Outside 2020 Challenge

I have always been a champion of outdoor play with kids as it is key to their learning in every area of childhood development. Getting little ones outside is as easy as a trip to the local park, but as the kids get older they are increasingly drawn to computers and screen time and it can take some effort to get them to even consider leaving the house. Of course, they alway enjoy it when we are there! 1,000 hours outside has been going since 2018, although it is a new challenge to us. It sounds like a huge challenge, …

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The Vosene Kids Swimming Challenge

Back in February Vosene Kids challenged us to take part in their ‘New Year, New Challenges’ campaign which was aimed at parents and children achieving new milestones, which are so important in those early years. From learning to swim, tying their shoelaces or even washing their own hair, Vosene Kids want to help celebrate all of the important steps in your little one’s growth. I was sent a fun-filled pack of items to help encourage Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian to try something new, which included colourful charts and a diary to help them see their progress over the weeks. Within the pack there …

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Fun at Be Gung-Ho Windsor

A few weeks ago I got an email from Alex Winters (yes, him of CBeebies fame) about a new project he was working on Be Gung-Ho, asking if I would like to attend with the family. I watched the video and decided that it looked like the sort of fun we enjoy and marked the date in my diary without really looking into it further. What I had not read was that Gung-Ho! is actually a  5k run, but not as you know it. Alex and his team have designed a series of giant inflatable obstacles to tackle around the course …

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Kingston Lacy

Will Isaac share a Royal Birthday?

It only seems like yesterday that I was pregnant alongside the Duchess of Cambridge, with Sebastian.  We were both due to have our babies in July but Sebby arrived two weeks early the day before my birthday and Prince George arrived, reportedly, a couple of weeks late.  They do share a middle name though. The Duchess is due to give birth any day know and I have had a cheeky wager that the baby will arrive tomorrow, 23rd April, on St George’s Day and Isaac’s 7th birthday.  We have a tradition of sharing royal birthdays in our house with me …

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