long haired cat

Grooming Your Long-haired Cat: Practical Tips

Looking after pets may at times be difficult, as you are wholly responsible for their welfare and comfort. Cats are no exception, and are not quite as independent as they themselves would perhaps like to believe. The RSPCA state that a regular grooming regimen for cats helps to keep them healthy and happy. Therefore, it is important to pay the grooming of your cat ample attention, because it may improve many qualities of your furry friend’s life at large. From grooming practices to how cat insurance may play a role, there might be quite a lot to consider depending on …

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Cat Food

10 Things That Make Your Cat Happy

What makes a cat happy? Cats are well-known for being amused by the weirdest of stuff, like sitting themselves down on your laptop keyboard while you’re trying to get something done or squeezing themselves into the tightest of spaces. Cats tend to be highly independent animals and even though they’ve come to accept that they do need their humans to feed them, the rest of the time, they prefer to have options when it comes to what they choose to do. Making sure that your cat is happy and healthy often means more than simply making sure she gets fed …

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Recognising and removing pests in the home

It’s not at all pleasant when you first experience the realisation that you might have some kind of pest problem at home. Perhaps you are laying in bed when you hear scampering noises above you, or maybe someone in the family spots a suspicious bug or develops some unexplained itchy spots. It’s a mixture of the heebie jeebies, embarrassment and not quite knowing what you need to do. With the full range of critters that the UK has available, and warmer, wetter weather all the conditions are ripe for unwanted visitors. It happens to many people. The key is to …

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Dog on a Plane

Planning to Take Your Pet with You on a Plane? Here Are 10 Things You Need to Know First

Although it’s all for a good cause, airport security screening and airline rules can be stressful to comply with. For new flyers, just familiarizing themselves with the guidelines can be a lot to take in. Adding a pet into the mix makes traveling via plane that much more stressful as there are a handful of things to consider before even stepping foot on the plane. But instead of waiting until the day of the flight to figure things out, it’s important that you understand any restrictions and instructions your airport and airline may have regarding flying with pets. Being well-informed …

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