Need New Flooring? How to Choose the Right Option for Your Home

wooden flooring

If you are in the process of redecorating your home, you have likely been picking out sample pots to find your perfect paint colour, and scouring the shops in search of the ideal soft furnishings. However, one aspect of your home décor that is often overlooked is the flooring.  Your floor makes up a significant proportion of your home. It makes sense to give this vast area of the room the time and attention that it deserves. Even if you… Continue Reading “Need New Flooring? How to Choose the Right Option for Your Home”

Are carpets in the home back in fashion?


I am at an age where I still have vivid memories of some dubious carpet choices in the 1970’s and 80’s. With bright and bold patterns, thick fluffy carpets that were a nightmare to keep clean and even carpets in the bathroom, they were enough to give us nightmares. Now wood or wood effect flooring is found in many homes as it is easy to maintain and keep clean, especially with kids in the house, but carpet is making a… Continue Reading “Are carpets in the home back in fashion?”

Getting rid of Carpet Stains

Cleaning carpets

I am a firm believer that white wine should be drank and not poured onto problem stains whilst hoping for a miracle that it will get them out (it doesn’t work). Having children that love the great outdoors, whatever the weather, they are forever traipsing mud and grass through the house despite numerous requests for them to take their shoes off and wipe their feet. It is particularly bad at the moment as they insist on having water fights and… Continue Reading “Getting rid of Carpet Stains”

Bissell Powerwash Lift Off Review

Bissell carpet cleaner

A couple of years ago we replaced our hall, stairs and landing carpet and despite it being recommended as a carpet suitable for high traffic areas it has been a nightmare to keep clean, despite me insisting on no shoes upstairs.  The carpet was starting to look really grubby so when we were offered the Bissell Powerwash Lift Off to review, I jumped at the chance. With 2 machines in 1, you get an upright carpet cleaner for entire rooms… Continue Reading “Bissell Powerwash Lift Off Review”