How to Prevent Your Car from Breaking Down in the Winter


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to arrive at your destination very quickly, so you hop in your car and head out? Midway, your vehicle suddenly break down, and, to make things worse, it’s winter, and there are lots of frost build up on your car. How did you handle the situation? You’ll agree with us that you could have survived that scenario more easily if you knew how to keep your car in top shape… Continue Reading “How to Prevent Your Car from Breaking Down in the Winter”

Car Shopping With Confidence: A Guide for Women


There is a lot of information, and misinformation, about car sales. You’ve probably had someone warn you at some point not to go shopping for your car without your husband, dad, brother, or male friend, or you might be ripped off by a dodgy car salesman taking advantage of your being one of the fairer sex.  While this advice might have been true once, it’s not the case anymore. It is actually not that unusual for women to approach car… Continue Reading “Car Shopping With Confidence: A Guide for Women”

Preventing The Kids From Ruining Your Car’s Backseats

Isaac Peugeot

Preventing the kids from ruining the backseats of your new car, even when it’s a family car that’s supposed to be resistant to most messes and stains, can be a tricky thing to pull off. Kids are clumsy, and don’t quite understand the value of the vehicle you’re sitting in, and they won’t until they’re a lot older! In the meantime, you’re going to have to pull out some heavy duty preventative measures. Let’s go through some of the best… Continue Reading “Preventing The Kids From Ruining Your Car’s Backseats”

Family Driving – 5 Tips Worth Knowing


Family driving is always a fun experience, despite the little in-car disputes that spring up now and then – and the struggle to get everyone packed and ready. However, preparing for a family trip is not limited to the travel party, especially when you share the road with other drivers. Therefore, it is essential to keep the following road safety tips in mind when driving with your family.  Perform basic safety checks Before you hit the road, be sure to… Continue Reading “Family Driving – 5 Tips Worth Knowing”

Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Family Car


As a mom living in a fast-paced world, it can be challenging to meet up with every demand at the appropriate time if you don’t own a car. Even when you live in a place with a reliable transport system, the flexibility that cars offer is reason enough to grab one for you and your family. While it is okay and perhaps, financially wise to stick with public transport as the cost of maintaining a car can be draining, here… Continue Reading “Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Family Car”