Review: Joie Spin 360 Group 0+1 Car Seat

Joie Car Seat

From years of experience, finding the right car seat for both your child and your car can be a huge challenge, especially when rules and regulations change. Buying the wrong child car seat could mean you’re putting your child’s life at risk, so it is important to do your research first. When you first have a baby, it is common to buy travel systems, where the car seat can be attached to the pram / pushchair base so you don’t… Continue Reading “Review: Joie Spin 360 Group 0+1 Car Seat”

Shopping Tips for Expectant Parents: What to Look for When Buying Your Baby’s Car Seat

Sebastian car seat

With almost 1.3 million people dying in road accidents every year, it’s no secret that car seats are seen as an essential component of any parent’s car. However, some may see car seats as an inconvenience and don’t take them seriously enough, simply by underestimating how important they actually are to a child’s safety when on the road. Buying the right car seat for both your child and the type of vehicle you have is vital, and is likely to… Continue Reading “Shopping Tips for Expectant Parents: What to Look for When Buying Your Baby’s Car Seat”

Milestone Moments

Sebastian car seat

Having a baby opens up a whole world of milestone moments. I always think that people should be given a pink flashing light to put on top of the car for baby’s first journey home as it is probably the slowest, most careful drive you have ever undertaken………well that and when carrying a delicate birthday / wedding cake in the passenger seat. Keeping babies and young children safe in the car is essential these days, although as a child of the… Continue Reading “Milestone Moments”


Britax King

I love our Britax Trifix car seat and am happy that Sebastian is safe and comfortable on our travels as it nice and secure in my car using the isofix feature. Now Britax have launched its latest Group 1 belted seat, the KING II ATS, to help parents travel with greater confidence and keep their eyes on the road ahead. The advanced seat, suitable for children aged 9 months – 4 years (9kg- 18kg) actively watches over a child throughout… Continue Reading “BRITAX KING II ATS Review”