What are nearly new cars?


Nearly new cars give drivers the possibility of saving quite a bit of money when looking for a new vehicle – but what does ‘nearly new’ actually mean? Well, depending on the dealer, nearly new cars will have noticeably low mileage and such vehicles can be found with 5,000 miles as much as they can with just 10. Meanwhile, they will usually be no more than 12 months old from new. You may also run into other names that effectively… Continue Reading “What are nearly new cars?”

Choosing the perfect family car

Citroen Grand Picasso

When we Sebastian arrived in 2013 one thing became very clear and very quickly – we needed a bigger car. I had been really looking forward to looking around at 7 seater cars but there was a couple of issues. 7 seater cars are very expensive and although we looked into leasing options we were concerned that we wouldn’t actually own the car at the end of the lease period. Using a car finance guide we worked out the best option… Continue Reading “Choosing the perfect family car”