A Visit to London to with Family and Friends Railcard

The Monument

I love it when the topics the kids are learning about in school really capture their imagination and this half term we have been doing a project on the Great Fire of London with Eliza. She has been busy researching all the facts about the fire, including places, names and dates so I decided to book a trip to London so she could see where it happened. We are fairly frequent visitors to London and I normally drive, but we… Continue Reading “A Visit to London to with Family and Friends Railcard”

10 things I wish I had known before our holiday to Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Most people booking a holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida would be planning for months, reading reviews and getting hints and tips on things to see and do but we had just a few days notice before our trip. I have to say that the staff were amazing and more than happy to answer any questions we had and wearing our “1st time at Disney” badges certainly helped, but here are the things I wish I had known before… Continue Reading “10 things I wish I had known before our holiday to Walt Disney World”

When Days Out Go Wrong

Shell Bay

If you follow my blog you will know that we are out and about a lot, some days are more successful than others but we have fun nonetheless. Yesterday was a day that went spectacularly wrong! We go to Swanage Carnival every year as it is the best local one as everyone makes a huge effort and the procession is huge. ¬†Plus we normally get a Red Arrows display too. Last year, as I was unable to drive, we took… Continue Reading “When Days Out Go Wrong”

Beaulieu Motor Museum


We live in East Dorset and often forget that Hampshire has some fabulous attractions to visit that are close by. My older boys have been wanting to visit Beaulieu Motor Museum for some time, but I never quite managed to persuade hubby as he isn’t a car fan – as long as it can get him from A to B he is happy. The boys, however, have a list of dream cars as long as my arm from a Lamborghini… Continue Reading “Beaulieu Motor Museum”