Home Improvements that Open Up Great New Spaces Ideal for Kids

Loft conversion

Loft conversions have become increasingly more popular for large families, especially within recent years, and it comes as no surprise when you think about all the prospective uses of the space! They’re a marvellous way to improve family living and can take the strain off feeling confined in smaller properties. With their extensive popularity, the chances are that you probably know somebody with a loft conversion. If so, you may want to ask to visit theirs to compare and gather… Continue Reading “Home Improvements that Open Up Great New Spaces Ideal for Kids”

How to survive a major home renovation with kids


Have you decided that you want to fully renovate your home but are having second doubts as you’re not sure how to keep both you and the kids sane during this major home remodelling project? Take a deep breath first and keep your eyes on the goal: your dream house. I’m not going to lie, a major home renovation with children has its own challenges and it will, for sure, be a bit more difficult and will most likely involve… Continue Reading “How to survive a major home renovation with kids”

Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket Review

Stickle Bricks

I remember Abbey, Callan and Kian all loving Stickle Bricks when they were little, often making me fun creations such a flowers, cars and houses. Stickle Bricks seemed to have disappeared by the time I had Isaac and Eliza but they are back!! We were sent the Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket to review and the kids could not wait to get stuck in and creating things. Stickle Bricks are the perfect first construction toy for babies, toddlers and beyond. Combining… Continue Reading “Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket Review”

A really wild time at Studland

Last year we were introduced Dan thanks to a Fathers Day trip aboard Poole Sea Safari and being intrigued by people jumping off cliffs into the sea.  After a few tweets asking what they were doing we discovered Coasteering and Studland Sea School. We had a summer of fun with Dan and his team on the Studland beaches.  All the boys got to go Kayaking whilst I got to explore the beach with the youngest two, so when he contacted me… Continue Reading “A really wild time at Studland”