What families can do to join the fight against Superbugs


It is that time of year when the kids seem to pick up every cough and cold going – in fact, within the first couple of weeks of being back at school mine all went down with a cough and cold. Kids have a strong tendency to spread germs, especially at school as they touch surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose and mouths and although it is perfectly OK to send them to school with a minor cough or cold, there are some hints… Continue Reading “What families can do to join the fight against Superbugs”

Taking the #LoveFreshCherries Challenge

Cherries Palm of Hand

“Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief!” This was a game I vividly remember playing as a child as I ate a bowl of cherries and busily lined up my cherry stones on the side of the dish. It is a traditional English rhyme that dates back to the 15th Century and is used as a counting game for children. It is currently British cherry season and the perfect time to teach the kids this fun… Continue Reading “Taking the #LoveFreshCherries Challenge”

Summer holiday fun with Super Camps multi-activity holiday camps

Entertaining the kids in the school holidays can be a challenge, especially if you need to balance looking after the kids with work. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to stay at home with the kids, finding things to keep them occupied and entertained for the six-week break can be an uphill struggle. Super Camps has the solution!! Did you know Super Camps organise multi-activity holiday camps around the country for children aged 4-14? Activities include team… Continue Reading “Summer holiday fun with Super Camps multi-activity holiday camps”

Taking the #TheHolidayMakers Challenge

Ring Wing Glider Creation

Did you know that this year is officially the ‘Year of Engineering’ in the UK? The Year of Engineering is a Government campaign that has been set out to change our perceptions of engineering, showing parents that it is a creative, varied career that shapes the world around us. Children are, by nature, natural engineers. Mine are fascinated about the world around and want to know how things work and what they do. From problem-solving to making things, give them… Continue Reading “Taking the #TheHolidayMakers Challenge”

My Cloud Home Review

Images My Cloud Drive

Last weekend I introduced my readers to the My Cloud Home Family Album Project where I hope to reinvigorate the family album for the digital age. As part of the project we were sent a Western Digital’s My Cloud Home, a personal cloud storage device which can help you to store, organise and curate your photos and videos, all in one place. The words ‘cloud storage’ is enough to send me into a bit of a panic. It’s a running joke in… Continue Reading “My Cloud Home Review”