Sebby Super Zing

SuperZings Series 5 have arrived!!!

There is one collectible out there that has really caught Sebby’s imagination and stayed with him – SuperZings! If you have not heard of the SuperZings, they are every day items transformed into super heroes and super villains and the best bit is that they really are pocket-money toys, with blind bags starting from just 80p! As they have become more popular, there are now bigger playsets in the range, so you can build your own SuperZing story around Kaboom City, some of which we reviewed back in December. Now season 5 has arrived, with a further 80 characters to …

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AD: The Christmas 2019 Gift Guide – Teenage Boy Edition

Buying Christmas seems to get more challenging as the kids get older. As babies and young children, you know exactly what they know and love. In our case, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam featured fairly heavily on Christmas lists for a few years. Fast forward to their teenage years and it becomes a minefield, especially since the days of topping up their present list with DVD’s and CD’s is long gone. Nowadays, the teen wish list (if you can get any sense of them) is all tech, games and gadgets, which can end up costing …

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Flush Force Collectibles Unboxing and Review

Eliza is obsessed with her collectible toys. She dabbled with Shopkins, collected Pinypons for a while and now its all about Glimmies and Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. Isaac and Sebby often moan that are no collectibles relevant to boys and feel they are missing out, but new Flush Force Collectibles have just been released and we are some of the first to meet them. Toxic sludge has mutated everything in the sewer! Now Flush Force is coming up your toilets to attack – it’s up to you to collect them all and flush them back!! Anyone with little (and not so little) …

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Middle Beach

Helpful Tips To Buy The Best Boys Beachwear

Planning to spend time on the beach or poolside? Then make sure to dress up yourself and your kids in quality beachwear for maximum comfort and protection. A whole new variety of beachwear is available in the market these days. Especially the range of boys beachwear is incredible, as these are designed to suit the preferences of different wearers. From simple ones to designer, you can choose from an amazing variety to wear on the beach. Along with serving the usual purpose, the beachwear should be stylish as well. Keeping these considerations in mind, here are a few crucial factors …

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Beach fun

The most rough and ready winter coats for boys

Those with boys know all too well that they seem to have an in-built magnet that draws them towards mud and puddles. When choosing a winter coat it’s important that they’re made to withstand lots of outdoor play and regular washing, as well as being warm and cosy enough to see them through the season. Plenty of padding is a bonus, alongside waterproof fabrics and a stylish design. After all, you want the little fellas to look great too. Luckily, Tu at Sainsbury’s has plenty of boys’ coats that will keep them snug while they’re out exploring. We mammas will …

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