Beach fun with the family

Mothers Day at the Seaside

It probably didn’t escape your notice that it was Mother’s Day on Sunday. The last few years we haven’t done anything special as hubby was always working, but this year he was home so I got to put my feet up – well as much as you can when you have small people to look after. The kids spoiled me with cards and flowers and as it was a nice day we headed out to the beach.  The plan was to aim for Boscombe but Abbey reminded us it was Bournemouth Half Marathon, so we changed direction and headed for …

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Saturday is Caption Day – 15th February 2014

Last weekend we took a rather bracing walk to the beach before heading up Bournemouth Pier to watch the surfers and get a closer look at the waves.

The wind suddenly started whipping up so we decided to head to somewhere more sheltered as it had already tried to remove the buggy from my grip.

We had to walk along the right hand side of the Pier to avoid the worst of it, however, if you have ever been to Bournemouth Pier you will know that every few yards there are gaps in the shelters ………………..this is the result!



Can you caption it?


Blowing a Gale

What fools would go to the beach on one of the windiest day of the year? That would be us and what an exhilarating day at the beach we had! We took our scooters which admittedly was a bit of a challenge due to the amount of sand on the promenade, but Isaac loved the fact that he could race Mummy and win!   The wind propelled us along to the Pier at great speed, where we found a bunch of hardy surfers making the most of the stormy conditions. The kids were fascinated by the surfers, asking questions about …

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#TeamHonkRelay – The Bournemouth Leg

As soon as heard about Team Honk’s ambitious plan to get bloggers to pass a relay baton around the country from Lands End to John O’Groats I wanted to be part of it. If I am honest the date came round extremely quickly and caught me a little by surprise.  I had initially volunteered to Kayak through Poole Harbour but the recent storms and flooding put pay to that idea.  I also made enquiries about taking the baton by boat, but unfortunately this didn’t get off the ground either, as did the ambitious idea to do the baton handover aboard …

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