Midnight Gang by David Walliams – Review

Midnight Gang

Looking at Isaac now you would never believe he used to be a reluctant reader. I don’t actually blame him, as some of the books that get handed out by the school are pretty dire, if I am honest. Now, at the age of 8, he devours books. The first ones that really caught his attention were the Horrible History books as he loves looking back at history and then at the beginning of the year they studied Roahl Dahl… Continue Reading “Midnight Gang by David Walliams – Review”

We’re going on a Bear Hunt this Christmas

I love Christmas for being the time we have all our favourite books adapted for the TV. We still have The Gruffalo, Stick Man, Gruffalo’s Child and Room on the Broom all saved on our planner from previous years and they are still regularly watched by the kids. This year it is the turn of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt to be made into a screen version which will be shown at 7.30pm on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve with a… Continue Reading “We’re going on a Bear Hunt this Christmas”

#Win a signed copy of Mum’s List from Penguin Books

Mums List

One of the most memorable, beautiful and heart-warming stories of recent years; ‘Mum’s List’ tells the real life story of Singe and Kate, a couple from North Somerset, whose lives were turned upside down when Kate was diagnosed with an incurable breast cancer. Over her last few months, she created her list: writing down her thoughts and memories to help the man she loved create the best life possible for him and their two sons, after she was gone. Written… Continue Reading “#Win a signed copy of Mum’s List from Penguin Books”

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Review and Giveaway

Back in 2015 we reviewed the brilliant Lost My Name book which was so good that it still brings a tear to my eye when we read it. Now they have brought out a new personalised book called The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home which follows a curious little explorer from outer space right to their own front door. The special thing about this book is that it includes a satellite view of your actual neighbourhood, and it’s so incredibly personalised that it can… Continue Reading “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Review and Giveaway”

Miles Kelly Convertible Submarine Review and Giveaway

Miles Kelly Submarine

Back in February last year we got really excited by a new kind of book, one which not only acts as a book, but a story board and it even transformed into a tractor – the Miles Kelly Tractor Book. Earlier this month I was sent the next book in the series which already features fire engines, spaceships, princess carriages, pirate ships, trains and bulldozers – the Miles Kelly Convertible Submarine. The Convertible Submarine is the perfect playbook for toddlers aged… Continue Reading “Miles Kelly Convertible Submarine Review and Giveaway”