Butlin’s by the Sea


Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s by the sea Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, is the place to be So when you need a happy holiday And you have time free Come to, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s, Butlin’s by the sea We had to sing this little ditty during a performance of Snow White at Centre Stage on the first night of our stay at Butlin’s and it sums up our holiday perfectly. If you are expecting a relaxing holiday, Butlin’s isn’t the place for… Continue Reading “Butlin’s by the Sea”

The Shows at Butlins

The one thing you will not hear from your children at Butlin’s is the phrase “I’m Bored!” In fact there is so much to do that it was impossible to squeeze everything into a four-day break, so my first piece of advice is to study the timetable and work out what you don’t want to miss. For us, the highlight of our stay were the evening shows in Centre Stage.  I am so glad we invested in B-Line passes as… Continue Reading “The Shows at Butlins”

Butlin’s – The Wave Hotel and Facilities


We had been counting down our holiday to Butlin’s for what felt like forever, so when the email dropped into my inbox about planning activities the month before our stay it all became real that our holiday was almost here. I started to research all the things we wanted to do and see and as we were visiting in high season I decided to book B-Line passes, which allow you to get into the shows 15 minutes before everyone else.… Continue Reading “Butlin’s – The Wave Hotel and Facilities”

Mum, why are there stones on the Beach?

I love living by the seaside and have never lived more than half an hour from a shoreline all of my life. Visiting Butlins in Bognor last week, we decided to take the kids off site for a trip to the beach as I was brought up not far away and have fond memories of Bognor and its Birdman competition that we used to head across and watch every year. As we walked up to the promenade Isaac’s first reaction… Continue Reading “Mum, why are there stones on the Beach?”

Dick vs Dom at Butlin’s

Dick vs Dom Butlins

When Butlin’s announced that Dick and Dom would be appearing on stage whilst we were on holiday at their Bognor site, the kids went into excitement over-drive! We have seen them twice live at LolliBop and they always whip the crowd into a frenzy with their antics on stage.  The parents definitely enjoy the show as much as the children. As we were staying on site we got the opportunity to see them at a hotel only show earlier in… Continue Reading “Dick vs Dom at Butlin’s”