Bob the Builder R/C Scoop Review

Have you got a Bob the Builder fan on your hands? Bob the Builder was a huge hit in our house the first time around with Callan insisting on owning Scoop, Dizzy, Travis, Rollie, Lofty etc and taking them everywhere with him. Last year, a new look CGI Bob and crew emerged to give the show a modern look and feel. His dungarees have been replaced with a hi-vis jacket but his chunky boots, yellow hard hat and checked shirt all remain, ensuring TV’s best-loved builder remains just as recognisable as ever and of course his team have had a make-over …

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The all new Bob The Builder Magazine

Have you seen the new Bob the Builder? It is a morning staple in our house as it is on at 7.20am just before Thomas the Tank Engine and Sebby now loves both shows equally. The all new Bob the Builder magazine has seen Bob move from Bobsville to build a whole new town in Sunflower Valley. In every issue you can meet new machines and see new places as Bob and the team build their new town. The magazine is packed full of stories, activities and handy hints to help children work along with the team’s new project to …

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“Can we build it? Yes we can!”

We have a bit of a set routine in our house in the mornings. Starting at 7am (ish) we stumble downstairs, Sebby normally demanding food or a drink immediately and I put the kettle on for the first cuppa of the day. The TV goes on and if Eliza chooses it is always Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly, Isaac is always CBBC and Sebby preferring CBeebies. Last week this changed thanks to the launch of Bob the Builder on Channel 5, quickly followed by Thomas the Tank Engine. We had been asked to take part in a twitter party …

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