Exploring London from the river with MBNA Thames Clippers #ThamesNippers

We are fairly frequent visitors to London and have enjoyed a short trip on the Thames aboard a “Duck” with London Duck Tours as well as a sightseeing tour last year up as far as the Tower of London. Last week we were invited to join MBNA Thames Clippers on a family day of sightseeing from the river and exploring Greenwich and the Greenwich Peninsula. MBNA Thames Clippers are the fastest & most frequent fleet on the river Thames with… Continue Reading “Exploring London from the river with MBNA Thames Clippers #ThamesNippers”

Seeing the sights of London with a City Cruise

City Cruises

I love visiting London but my visits are normally very structured and we literally arrive at, visit our planned destination and leave again. I have wanted to do a sightseeing tour of London for a while, so when City Cruises invited us to do a river cruise from The Embankment up to the Tower of London I jumped at the chance. You can see some of the best views in London from the River Thames including Big Ben, The London… Continue Reading “Seeing the sights of London with a City Cruise”

Peppa Pig Holiday Toys Review

Over the summer holidays we were lucky enough to be sent some Peppa Pig inspired holiday essentials which included passport holders, towels, a cap, swimming goggles, float toys and Grandpa Pig’s boat. Sadly the products arrived after our holiday abroad but the passport holders and swimming float toys have been tucked away safely ready for our Carnival Cruise next year. Sebby was more than keen to get playing with the Holiday boat and the Holiday Jet that we received previously.… Continue Reading “Peppa Pig Holiday Toys Review”

Ever bounced down the stairs in a car with no suspension?

P1 Superstock

Have you ever bounced down the stairs in a car with no suspension? Nope, me either! However I have come close to the feeling (apparently). This is how the announcer at the P1 Super Stock Grand Prix announcer described the feeling of travelling in a Power Boat at speed. Last week I won the chance to go out in an actual racing Power Boat driven by the its racing driver Arran Scott.  I was excited and terrified all at the same… Continue Reading “Ever bounced down the stairs in a car with no suspension?”

Alphabet Photo – C is for Chase

Last week was quite frankly epic. When you have teens and an adrenalin junkie husband somehow you find yourself in the background taking photos and not getting to experience things for yourself. Last year I was pregnant with Sebastian and the had an emergency c-section which I struggled to recover from so I took a back seat even more than usual so it is about time I start enjoying things for me again. I entered a competition a couple of… Continue Reading “Alphabet Photo – C is for Chase”