10 Goals for 2021


For the last few years, instead of New Years Resolutions I have given myself a list of goals for the year. This year I am a bit later than usual writing the post, as going back into lockdown on New Year’s Eve put any plans we did have to bed. Get a new sofa Taken from my 2020 goals, getting a new sofa is something we talk about every year as ours is 11+ years old now and just not… Continue Reading “10 Goals for 2021”

5 ways to make money from home

Money saving

When you become a parent, money becomes more of a worry. For the mother, even more so as you have to think about what you are going to do after your maternity leave ends. Of course, not all women choose to take the full maternity leave, but for some it is the only option. The costs of child care are only going up and a lot of the time, it is better financially for the mother to stay at home.… Continue Reading “5 ways to make money from home”

My Top Posts of 2019


At the end of the year I always enjoy looking back at my blogging year and seeing which posts are most popular with my audience, knowing there will be a few surprises in there. The past few years have seen a few that remain popular, despite being written a few years ago and this year is no exception with my top read post being from 2013!!! My most visited posts of 2019 1. How old is too old for Soft… Continue Reading “My Top Posts of 2019”

19 Goals for 2019

Malham Cove

Last year I decided to go against New Year’s Resolutions as I always break them by the third week of January and opted to choose 18 goals for 2018. Although I didn’t refer back to my post until I did an update at the beginning of the month, something must have stuck in my head because I achieved 10 of them which isn’t too bad, so I thought I would try again this year, but this time review them on… Continue Reading “19 Goals for 2019”

Happy 5th Blogaversary to me

Peter Andre

Social media has come a long way in a few short years. I remember when Abbey made me join Bebo when she was 13, which was then followed by facebook, twitter and then instagram. In August my 5th blogging anniversary came and went without any form of celebrations as we were on holiday, but I am thankful to my blog for many reasons. No longer can my children say to me “We have done nothing this holiday” – now I… Continue Reading “Happy 5th Blogaversary to me”