Ensuring Your Home Is Secure From Intruders


Your home is an important place where you should feel safe and secure, so ensuring it remains that way is essential. Unfortunately by not having certain measures in places this can leave your home vulnerable to burglaries. So even small changes could make a positive difference. Despite lockdown measures in 2020, 58.3% of break ins occurred at night time and staggeringly 38.1% of these were during daylight hours. With the need for many to go away on holiday as soon… Continue Reading “Ensuring Your Home Is Secure From Intruders”

5 simple ways to have a better night’s sleep

Girls Bedroom

With sleep being a huge part of everyone’s health and life. It is important that you have a place that you can get a great night’s sleep, which is why we are going to list below, the 5 simple ways to get a better nights sleep. Wind Down & Have A Clear Head Are you often finding it difficult to sleep or wake each night? There are a number of things from your day which can make it difficult for… Continue Reading “5 simple ways to have a better night’s sleep”

Dreaming of a new home!

Dream Home

I love Rightmove and being nosey at all the homes we would never be able to afford in a million years, but every now and again I get a bee in my bonnet about moving house and start searching for homes that are more reasonably priced but just out of our reach. I have to admit I was proud as punch when we bought our first home ten years ago, we had our feet on the first rung of the… Continue Reading “Dreaming of a new home!”