Easy and fun ways to pass the time


Sometimes Sundays can feel like they stretch out forever, as you look for ways to keep you, and your kids if you have them, occupied. You could do the ironing or wash the car or tidy up the living room but you could also try some of these activities, which are much more fun: Bingo games are a fun way to pass the time and nowadays you don’t even have to leave the house to play a game. Just switch… Continue Reading “Easy and fun ways to pass the time”

Is bird poop really lucky……..it could be!

I have to admit I have been fairly lucky with competitions over the last couple of years, winning a couple of holidays, toys for the children and even things for the house but the one thing that eludes me is that lottery win. I am addicted to Rightmove and can often be found researching houses in my dream location.  It doesn’t help that we have Sandbanks on our doorstep, with some pretty amazing houses for sale that sell for millions –… Continue Reading “Is bird poop really lucky……..it could be!”