New Secret Spy Adventure Cards Sneak their way into packs of BEAR Yoyos

Bear Nibbles

Even the sneakiest of sleuths couldn’t have uncovered this secret! Now, inside packs of BEAR Yoyos are new top-secret spy cards!! Are your cubs ready to accompany Agents BEAR and Mole on this top-secret spy adventure? Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to save the world from the evil clutches of CLAW and his crooked crew of villains. Isaac has joined the spy adventure and is already practicing his code cracking and secret sleuthing by finding and… Continue Reading “New Secret Spy Adventure Cards Sneak their way into packs of BEAR Yoyos”

Addicted to TV? You’re not alone

Ed the Sofa Bear

So many of us claim that we don’t have the time to work out or cook healthy meals, yet we always find time to watch our favourite shows on television. In fact more than half of the UK spend nearly as much time as they work, sat in front of their TV’s! If you are worried that you are as addicted to your television as Ed the Sofa Bear is then read on… Ed the Sofa Bear has been known… Continue Reading “Addicted to TV? You’re not alone”

Million Hearts A Million Wishes Campaign

This Valentines Day Build a Bear Workshop is supporting Starlight’s Children Foundation UK to help grant wishes to seriously ill children. There are two ways you can help……… Make a friend at your nearest Build A Bear Workshop and for every photo shared on twitter / Facebook / instagram or pinterest with the hashtag #shareukbabwwishes and £1 will be donated to make wishes come true. From 1st January 2014 to 31st March 2014 purchase a purple satin heart for a… Continue Reading “Million Hearts A Million Wishes Campaign”

Eliza’s 3rd Birthday

Create a Bear

When I heard that Lemur Landings were launching their very own Create-a-Bear parties in the brand new Ted Shed I knew that would be the perfect birthday party for Eliza.  Not only did they get to stuff their very own bear, but they also got play time in the huge play frame. The children got to play in the play frame upon arrival which was a great way of burning off some steam before the serious task of choosing which… Continue Reading “Eliza’s 3rd Birthday”