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What Things In Your Home Need Upgrading?

When it comes to your home, have you been looking at some things lately and thinking that they could use an upgrade? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to look at your budget and see what you can afford. Of course, if there is something essential that needs doing, this has got to be the first thing on the list to be ticked off. However, there’s no harm making a list for when you’ve got the money! Keep reading down below to look at some of our suggestions. Boiler The first thing that you are going to want …

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Tips to Keep Your Children Safe in the Bathroom

A lot of children experience unintentional injuries in the bathtub and shower. To make sure your kids remain safe despite the potential hazards in the bathroom, these tips will come in handy: Declutter Children are very exploratory and inquisitive. They like pulling and grabbing as they practice their reflexes. Depending on their age, they want to taste everything by putting it in their mouths. For this reason, keeping hazardous materials at more than an arms-length and locked inside their respective cabinets is a must. All cleaning materials are to be put away on a shelf. Anything that can be stored …

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Top Tips to make your bathroom baby proof

Your bathroom is a slippery area full of potentially dangerous items that can endanger your little one. Baby proofing your bath or shower room is just as important as baby proofing the rest of the house. Here are a couple of tricks and tips to keep your bundle of joy safe and out of harm’s way while in the bathroom: Door lock A small child should not be left alone in the bathroom without supervision. Objects such as detergents and shower products could catch their attention, and ingesting them is life-threatening. Furthermore, falling can be very dangerous whilst in the …

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Bathroom Tiles

Doing Up the Bathroom – a 101

If you’re thinking of remodelling or revamping your bathroom, then you’ll have to work a bit harder than just replacing the shower curtain or getting a new toilet seat. The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house, so you need to think about space and ergonomics. Before you whip off that shower curtain from its rail, read these ideas and pointers so that you can make the most of your bathroom project. Work out your budget first How much are you willing to spend on your works? How many people use your bathroom on a daily …

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#Win £250 to Spend with Tile Mountain

I cannot quite believe that we have been living in our home for 12 years now. In that time we have been busy updating it, changing the windows and installing a new kitchen in 2011 and a new bathroom in 2013. One of my favourite parts of updating the house is choosing the look and I remember spending hours looking for just the right tiles. 12 years in and we are fast running out of space in our house. We have looked into moving, but sadly I don’t think we will be able to afford to, so an extension is looking …

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