3 Reasons To Visit Barcelona At Least Once In Your Life


Now, we don’t know what 2021 – or beyond – is going to bring, but we can only hope it’s going to be better than what 2020 had in store for us. Because of that assumption, it’s good to make plans. It’s good to think happy thoughts. It’s good to consider (if not book just yet) a trip abroad. After staying at home for a whole year, the idea of travelling is definitely a tempting one, and even if you’re… Continue Reading “3 Reasons To Visit Barcelona At Least Once In Your Life”

Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart Review

Kettler Go Kart

Our family are big fans of outdoor play and now the weather has started to improve we are getting out more and more, even if it is just to the green at the front of our house. We have lots of outdoor toys, from trikes to bikes, scooters and even adult size Happy Hopperz, but we since the demise of our old Go Kart which Callan had from aged 5 we had nothing with 4 wheels. Until now! We were… Continue Reading “Kettler Barcelona Air Go Kart Review”