Going Back to the Garden with Sudocrem

Sebby Back to the Garden

As you know I’ve been working on the Back to the Garden campaign with Sudocem during lockdown. It’s a great little project that aims to encourage children to get into the garden during this period, when they can’t attend school. We think getting outside to plant some seeds and grow herbs, vegetables and plants is a great way to pass the time, because it’s healthy, it teaches kids about where food and comes from and it’s something that they don’t… Continue Reading “Going Back to the Garden with Sudocrem”

Back to the Garden with Sudocrem

Back to the Garden Sudocrem logo-150 dpi

Like many families, we have resumed schoolwork with the kids this week. The work set by the school does not fill the day, and we are trying to reduce the amount of time spent on technology, which means that we have been looking for new ways to spend our time at home. One thing the kids love to get involved with is gardening as planting seeds and getting your hands dirty is a fantastic way of learning about science and… Continue Reading “Back to the Garden with Sudocrem”