Maternity Pillow

How to Get a Good Sleep When You Are Pregnant

Getting the right amount of good quality sleep is crucial for your health, mood and how you feel the next day. During the later stages of your pregnancy, it can be difficult to get a decent night’s sleep, and expecting mothers tend to be the most affected by sleep loss. Finding a comfortable position to sleep in is hard enough, but when this is combined with nausea, foetal movement, frequent trips to the toilet and back pain, getting a good sleep can feel like an impossible task and over time, this can develop into a sleeping disorder. The best way …

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Review – My Child Coupe Baby Walker

Lilah loves seeing what is going on around her and adores being upright in her 3-in-1 Activity Spin Centre. The next stage of her development is to explore, so we were very excited to be offered the My Child Coupe Baby Walker to review as part of the Very Baby and Nursery campaign. The baby walker comes in a large box and does require some assembly. We had a few issues getting the clips through the holes to attach the seat part to the walker frame, but once assembled it is very sturdy. The walker is suitable for babies from …

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Baby Shower

How to Plan a Fun-Filled Baby Shower

Few moments are more exciting than the anticipation for a little bundle of joy to enter the world. A baby shower can provide a perfect opportunity to not only highlight your excitement at the impending arrival of a newborn, but it can also make your friend or relative feel both loved and valued during this emotional time. To ensure a new parent looks back on their pregnancy with a huge smile, read the below advice on how to plan a fun-filled baby shower. Choose the Perfect Date and Time Before you organise a venue and invite guests, you should confirm …

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Review: Fisher Price 3-in-1 Activity Spin Centre

We are working with as part of their Baby and Nursery campaign, to review some fabulous baby essentials with Lilah. Our first review in the series saw us testing out the Joie Spin 360 Group 0+1 Car Seat and our latest review is for the Fisher Price 3-in-1 Activity Spin Centre. At 9 months old, Lilah is starting to crawl and loves to know what is going on around her and exploring, but sometimes you need to keep your little one in one place and entertained. The 3-in-1 activity centre is perfect for this as it starts life with your …

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Great Tips to Babyproof Your Home

Parents who are expecting a child might feel overwhelmed with everything that they will have to do. Raising a child is difficult, and you will need to pay him or her all the attention you can. But even then, the chances are that you might miss something, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of your baby.  Some parents question whether they need to take extra precautions. They must, because when it comes to the safety of a child, nothing should be more important than that.  If you feel like your knowledge is lacking in this department, consider the …

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