Explore and play with BABY born this Spring

Baby born

Dolls are going through a real resurgence in popularity with Eliza in our house at the moment and she just loves playing Mum. BABY born invited us to take part in their BABY born sitter campaign, which involved capturing footage of Eliza looking after her new baby boy, Arlo. I always find it funny seeing children take on a parenting role, changing their baby’s nappy, feeding the baby and just generally following in mum & dads footsteps and Eliza is… Continue Reading “Explore and play with BABY born this Spring”

Bedtime Stories with Twinkle the Dragon


Once upon a time there lived a Princess called Eliza. She lived in a big castle with King Daddy, Queen Mummy, Prince Kian, Prince Isaac and Sebastian the Knight. Princess Eliza loves to go on adventures and can often be found visiting her pet dragon, Twinkle, who lives in the castle dungeons. Twinkle is not like any dragon, she is purple and instead of breathing fire she blows hundreds of bubbles, bursting with all the colours of the rainbow. This… Continue Reading “Bedtime Stories with Twinkle the Dragon”

BABY born® Interactive Medical Laptop Review

Baby Born Interactive Medical Laptop

Eliza adores watching Doc McStuffins and now she enjoys pretending her dolls are ill and making them better. We were sent the BABY born® Interactive Medical Laptop to help us take care of our little patients.  Firstly, you have to use the scanner to carry out a thorough examination of the whole body.  You can use it on a doll, human or cuddly toy but if the subject is a bit squidgy you will need to press the end of the scanner… Continue Reading “BABY born® Interactive Medical Laptop Review”