Sebastian car seat

Shopping Tips for Expectant Parents: What to Look for When Buying Your Baby’s Car Seat

With almost 1.3 million people dying in road accidents every year, it’s no secret that car seats are seen as an essential component of any parent’s car. However, some may see car seats as an inconvenience and don’t take them seriously enough, simply by underestimating how important they actually are to a child’s safety when on the road. Buying the right car seat for both your child and the type of vehicle you have is vital, and is likely to determine how safe and comfortable your child will be. If you’re struggling to decide which car seat to go for, …

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Give the Gift of Sleep this Christmas

Being a new parent is probably one of the most exhausting periods in anyone’s life and if like me you are gifted with a non-sleeper it can be extra tough. What if you could give the gift of solid sleep? Parents-to-be can now get clued up on how to get solid stretches from as early as 3 weeks (and yes, including breastfed babies, too!!) thanks to support from Eve and her team at Calm and Bright. Contrary to popular belief, early starts are one thing we don’t have to grin and bear as parents and here are some of Eve’s …

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nelsons colica

Comfort Baby Colic and Win with Nelsons Colica®

Life with a baby is a magical time full of making cherished memories as you get to know your new arrival. Despite this, for the one in five parents whose child has colic, it can be an overwhelming period[i]. Although colic is considered a harmless condition, a recent study by Nelsons reveals that almost half of parents (49%) think that colic is the most distressing ailment for parents[ii]. To help relieve the symptoms of colic, Nelsons is launching NEW Nelsons Colica® Colic Granules, a homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of colic in babies over one month of age. …

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