Growing Up!

Back to school

When the kids are with you day in, day out, sometimes it is hard to see all the little changes in them. These changes sort of creep up on you and then suddenly slap you in the face and you realise that they are suddenly more mature and are growing up before your eyes. This has just happened to me with Sebby, my youngest and the baby of the family who is morphing into a “big boy” at an alarming rate.… Continue Reading “Growing Up!”

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Back to school

Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! This year, Asda & George are working with Dr Seuss, championing the favourite line, ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ and those special, everyday moments a child and their uniform goes through. The George uniform offering has a brilliant range of hi-tech items, including everything from micro fresh shoes to avoid odour, reinforced knees, non-iron shirts & stay bright / white colour enhancers, to stain resistant Teflon trousers and… Continue Reading “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

The Back to School with Asda Challenge


The kids broke up on Wednesday and George at Asda asked me to ask the kids and I a series of questions about what they remember about school as part of their launch of their new uniform range. Eliza is in Reception this year and Isaac is Year 3. Do you remember your first day at nursery/primary/secondary school? Which? Mum: No Isaac: Yes Eliza: Yes Did you make any friends on your first day? What were their names? Mum: Ambi, Helen… Continue Reading “The Back to School with Asda Challenge”

Asda Christmas in July

James Martin

Last week I was invited to attend my very first Christmas in July event with Asda. My day started at 5am as I had to get the 6.25am train from Bournemouth to London Waterloo to ensure I arrived on time for their 9am start. I had forgotten how busy trains to London are in the morning but thankfully managed to get a seat to enjoy the journey and was pleasantly surprised to find the train had free WIFI. Sadly this… Continue Reading “Asda Christmas in July”

George Home Wooden Train Set Review

Sebastian is train mad and it is lovely to see all the kids get the wooden train track out, which we have been adding things to for 20 years, as it started off as Abbey’s and has been played with by all the children as they have grown up. Wooden toys are a timeless gift that are capable of taking a battering and I am sure that when Sebastian grows out of the toys we have, they will be packed… Continue Reading “George Home Wooden Train Set Review”