A Medieval Siege at Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle

I lived near Arundel Castle for twenty odd years but am ashamed to say I had never been inside the grounds, until now. Over half term we were invited to a Castle Siege at Arundel Castle which was led by historical interpretation troupes including Raven Tor Living History Group, The Wessex Medieval Alliance and The Company of St Barbara. We arrived nice and early to enjoy the picturesque walk up to the castle where we found medieval camps had been… Continue Reading “A Medieval Siege at Arundel Castle”

Day 3 of Bournemouth Air Festival 2014


If you read my post on Days 1 and 2 of Bournemouth Air Festival 2014 you will know that the weather was not great on the first two days, but that did not stop us having fun.  The weather was slightly better on Saturday but there was still quite a bit of cloud cover to contend with. Saturday saw the promise of the Vulcan flying again after a couple of years of absence and we were all hopeful that it would… Continue Reading “Day 3 of Bournemouth Air Festival 2014”

Red Arrows at Lymington

There is something about the Red Arrows that gets me really excited – I am like a big kid! Every year we watch them at Bournemouth Air Festival and we often see them flying in and out of Bournemouth Airport when they are displaying at other local events, but we have never seen them perform other than at Bournemouth. The D-Day celebrations were in the news last week and hubby spotted that they were due to display over Lymington on… Continue Reading “Red Arrows at Lymington”