Project 365 2021: Week Fifteen


The kids are in the final week of the school holiday’s and I am ready for them to go back now, having missed so much school already this year – at least we are not homeschooling! COVID rate are continuing to fall to levels that they were in September, although we have a couple of hotspots here in Dorset. Kian is still home, but has news that he can return to university lectures on campus from 17th May. It feels… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Fifteen”

My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids


Just walk into any supermarket and you are bombarded with shelf upon shelf of chocolate treats all ready and waiting for Easter. In our family we avoid Easter Eggs, although the kids receive them from friends and family so they do get a couple to enjoy. Instead we buy them a little gift, usually toys or clothing, depending what they want or need. Easter is the perfect time to teach children all about new life, why things grow and getting… Continue Reading “My Top 5 Alternative Easter Gifts for Kids”