Understanding your travel during the Coronavirus crisis

Bus Travel

It is just two weeks until the Easter holidays and we are now a country in lockdown. Airlines around the globe have been suspending flights and grounding aircraft and I have seen a real escalation in flights heading into Bournemouth Airport today, to store some of their planes. Many of us have disappointingly had to cancel our travel plans and although we were not booked to go abroad, we had planned various day trips and a short break on the… Continue Reading “Understanding your travel during the Coronavirus crisis”

How to choose the right mattress for you

Make the Bed

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to staying happy and healthy and is just as important as a good diet and exercise. Things to consider to get the perfect environment for sleep are ensuring that the temperature is cool, noise is limited, black-out blinds or curtains are used to filter any external light and that you have a good quality bed and mattress for the maximum comfort. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending on… Continue Reading “How to choose the right mattress for you”

What Types of Fostering Placements are Available to You?

Heart and Home

Fostering comes in several different forms. Fostering can, therefore, be seen as an umbrella term for broadly similar types of care. All placements have in common the home and family environment where care is nurturing and focused on the child’s needs and development. Let’s look at the different types of fostering placements, and the types of foster carer they are best suited to. Types of Foster Care Placements Foster care placements are designed to suit the needs of the child… Continue Reading “What Types of Fostering Placements are Available to You?”

How to hunt for a job when you’re 15¾

Job Hunting

Job hunting is stressful at any age, but when you are a school leaver it is extra daunting. Kian finished his GCSE’s last week and now his thoughts have turned to finding a summer job. Well, when I say his thoughts, it is something his Dad and I both think is important for a number of reasons. a) We cannot afford to fund his summer holiday activities b) It teaches and instills a good work ethic c) It looks good… Continue Reading “How to hunt for a job when you’re 15¾”

A Tumble Drier Worry!

Yesterday I had an engineer out to repair my washing machine, which ironically I had fixed myself by emptying the filter but it is good to check these things. He did however, look concerned when he spotted my Tumble Drier and advised me to check safety.hotpoint.eu to see if it was one of the models that had been affected by a product recall for Hotpoint / Indesit and Creda Tumble Driers. Sadly on imputing the model number and serial number I… Continue Reading “A Tumble Drier Worry!”