Lizzie's Way Band

Project 365 2021: Week Thirty

With the kids at cub / scout camps this week, I would love to say I have had a week of relaxation and although I did get a couple of moments, both my husband and I had to work. We were also on countdown to Camp Bestival and were both feeling a little anxious about it before we arrived, but once we were there, we soon relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere. Monday 26th July It feels very strange not having the kids at home, so I spent the day catching up on housework. When my husband got home from work, …

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Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Nine

I am relieved to say that our household remained COVID free after 10 days of isolation, although both Sebby and my husband succumbed to summer colds. Work has been a real challenge as we are really short staffed with lots of people isolating and a lack of deliveries for the same reason. This week has all been about the countdown to the summer holidays and I am relieved the kids have now broken up, although slightly worried about covering childcare as most of the local holiday clubs are fully booked already. Here is our week: Monday 19th July My husband …

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New Home

The House Buying Process in London 2021 – 2022

Buying a house can be one of the most tiresome and stressful processes of your life. From managing finances to buying storage units and finding the right property, there is a lot to tackle. Fortunately for you, we have gathered tips to help you navigate house buying in London.  Without further ado, let’s take a look.  Know Your Needs First off, you can’t head right into the market without first understanding what it is that you desire from a dream home. This is the part where you will have to sit with yourself and jot down all the details and …

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Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Six

I feel like it has been a bit of an uneventful week, but actually when I look back we have achieved a lot. The dining room has been redecorated, we have sold Eliza’s old bike and Sebby had his postponed birthday party. We are on the countdown to the COVID restrictions being lifted and while I am looking forward to some things getting back to normal, seeing the increase in cases skyrocket is worrying me. I know hospitalisations are not increasing at the same rate, but we are seeing younger people admitted to hospital with problems. Here is our week: …

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Corfe Castle

Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Five

I am finally out of isolation #whoop #whoop It is also the main birthday week of the month, with Sebby’s on Sunday, mine Monday and Callan’s on Thursday. It has been an eventful week in the news, with COVID cases rising again, the Health Secretary resigning for breaking COVID rules and the Euro 2020 knockout stages beginning. Here is our week: Monday 21st June Finally released from isolation, just in time for my birthday. Sadly plans of a walk along the Purbeck Hills was postponed thanks to the inclement weather, but we enjoyed lunch in the pretty village of Corfe. …

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