Swim my little fishes, Swim!

Turtle Tots

It has been a while since I did an update on how the kids are getting on at swimming.

Last summer Eliza had a major water wobble after a stand-in teacher made her jump in the deep-end and it took quite a while to get back on track. I have a great relationship with my swim school and they were happy to move her in to a class with Ruth whom I know and trust as she is also Isaac’s swimming teacher.

Although both Isaac and Eliza have been swimming since they were babies, they were initially in a swimming class run at our local leisure centre where it was normal to have 6 per class, progressing to 10 after they could swim a width of the pool. This was not ideal and as you can imagine very difficult to teach so many at the same time.

I moved Isaac and Eliza to Individuality Swimming in Dorset just over a year ago and the change in them has been amazing. The classes are restricted to 5 per lesson although it is often less and Isaac has progressed from swimming 20 metres at most to just achieving his 1000m badge and water skills 6 and all this at 7 years old!

Swimming Lessons

Eliza (5) is still at the age where she wants to mess around and they have nicknamed her the Little Mermaid as she spends more time under the water than on top of it. She has, however, just done her 25m badge and her Water Skills 2 badge. She can actually swim further but wasn’t interested on the day and I am just happy she is enjoying the water again after last summer.

Swimming Lessons

Sebastian is still swimming with Turtle Tots and he has just been through a water wobble too after a nasty bout of tonsilitis in February which left him very clingy and not wanting to let go of me at anytime. Thankfully the last two weeks has seen his confidence return and he is back to leaping into the pool without a care in the world and finally holding on to a catamaran (half a woggle) and blowing bubbles in the water.

When Sebby hits three in June it will then be time for him to venture into the water and have swimming lessons without me by his side. If he carries on with this confidence I think he will do brilliantly!

Do your kids have swimming lessons?

12 thoughts on “Swim my little fishes, Swim!

  1. It really does make such a difference when they have a teacher they can get on with, trust and respect. Luka and Bella’s teacher at the moment is wonderful. He gets into the water with them to actually properly observe their swimming, and to support when needed etc. I think its so vital. you really can’t teach a child how to swim from the side of the pool in my experience. Poor Eva had a bit of a rubbish teacher and it really affected her confidence for a while. So glad your little ones are doing so well xx
    ghostwritermummy recently posted…Elsie Rose is 18 Months OldMy Profile

  2. Swimming lessons are so important for children. My Beans have weekly lessons and are currently having lessons through school too. I have been walking with the children for their school lessons and it’s great to see their confidence growing week on week.
    Sabina @MummyMatters recently posted…Project 366 – Week 19 2016My Profile

  3. Ickle Pickle says:

    Oh they are doing so well. My older ones all had lessons – vital as we live near the sea, but I haven’t started Pickle yet. I really should. Love your photos 🙂 Kaz x
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…Jessica Ennis-Hill and Pampers Little Champions CampaignMy Profile

  4. Vicky says:

    Massively believe in getting them swimming soon as possible. My son and daughter both swam from 3 months. At age 7 my son now swims for club and trying out for county 🙂 X

  5. Aw, well done to your little ones, that’s fantastic! I’m yet to enrol my daughter but it’s very much in my list of things to do in the next few months! X

  6. Rachel says:

    This is just so amazing to see, they have more courage than I will ever have x
    Rachel recently posted…Caudalie VinosourceMy Profile

  7. Notmyyearoff says:

    Oh well done to both of them and what a huge different for Eliza from last year. Some teachers are not that great are they? Poor E but she’s come so so far and I love that photo of her jumping in star fish style 🙂 well done to Sebby too. Jumping in the pool is always a huge milestone in my eyes x
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…A trip to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu DhabiMy Profile

  8. Leoniiamber says:

    Some really great pictures here glad your little one is better after her wobble I need to get Nevaeh in swimming but she is terrified of water currently she cries in the shower.

  9. Great that children have this skill from such a young age. Something to carry them on through life.

  10. StressedMum says:

    I love to see children swimming and think it is important that they can swim, I used to take my daughter to lessons, but she did not like her teacher and became scared. So I used to take her swimming, and she had proper lessons on holiday one year with my parents and never looked back.
    StressedMum recently posted…Buff & Butter ReviewMy Profile

  11. Well done on the badges little fishes, one of my grandsons could only swim under water for ages, strange child lol x
    yvette morgan recently posted…Saving Money with Groupon CouponsMy Profile

  12. Love your pictures of the wee smily ones – looks like you had a lot of fun x

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