Summer holiday fun with Super Camps multi-activity holiday camps

Entertaining the kids in the school holidays can be a challenge, especially if you need to balance looking after the kids with work.

Even if you are lucky enough to be able to stay at home with the kids, finding things to keep them occupied and entertained for the six-week break can be an uphill struggle.

Super Camps has the solution!!

Did you know Super Camps organise multi-activity holiday camps around the country for children aged 4-14?

Activities include team building, arts and crafts, imaginative games, outdoor exploration, quiet time, plus specialist courses during summer around LEGO® building, cookery and my personal favourite, the RAW Outdoor Adventure which I know Isaac will love.

Through these experiences, Super Camps helps children to make friends, challenges them and creates a fun and hands-on environment during those school holiday periods when parents are looking to keep their children occupied.

We were invited to try Super Camps multi-activity camp at the beginning of the summer holidays at Talbot Heath School in Bournemouth and whilst Eliza and Sebastian were very excited to try it, Isaac wasn’t so sure at first.

Super Camps

We arrived on a chilly and rainy day and were given a tour of the facilities so the kids knew where everything was. The staff were brilliant with them from the off, and they all made a bee-line for the LEGO area without even a look back or wave for me.

Activities Super Camp

Everyday, an activity board was on display featuring the days activities for each age group. On the first day Eliza and Sebby came back buzzing from everything they had done whereas Isaac more cautiously admitted that he enjoyed it.

Today's Activities

By day 2, Isaac literally came out bouncing as the weather had changed and they were back outside playing games in the sunshine. He particularly enjoyed archery tag and muggle quidditch.

What the kids loved about Super Camps

Different activities everyday – no day was the same and the activities on offer were a good mix of craft and games.

Sebby’s favourite activity: The Giants, Dragons and Wizards Game

Giants, Dragons and wizards game – the giants step on the dragons, the dragons on the wizards and the wizards zap the giant with a magic wand” (The game is a bit like rock, paper scissors but involves two teams who will act as one of 3 characters. For each round, both teams huddle and choose to become a giant, wizard, or a dragon. When ready, both teams then line up and stand facing each other, about five or six feet apart. At the start of each round, the leader says “Three, two, one, go!!” At this point, each team acts out the character they chose (giant, wizard, or dragon). As soon as they do this, the winner tries to grab the loser — as many people over to their side as they can. The loser tries to retreat back to their own side to be safe for that round. If captured, a person now belongs to the other team.

Eliza’s favourite activity: Super Soak Day

“They made a slip and slide mat, sponge throwing (at the supercamp adults), the drip and drop game and we had a massive sponge fight at the end.”

Fish Plate

I liked crafting too

Isaac loved: Quad Biking

“Riding the Quad bikes as they went really fast and I also enjoyed playing archery tag and Muggle Quidditch”

What I loved about Super Camps

The kids all had their own key person for all the time they were at the camp. Sebby had Beth, Eliza was with Phoebe and Isaac had Chantelle.

As Sebby is 5, he is still classed as Early Years and everyday he came home with form with a significant observation from Beth, the areas of learning that they had been working on for the day and what activities they had done.

EYFS Super Camps

On the other side of the form, Sebby got to draw a picture of his favourite activity of the day.

Threading Letters

The staff also like to celebrate the kids achievements and Isaac came home with a certificate for “Super Camps Superstar of the Day” on one of the days.

Superstar of the Day

Did you know?

Super Camps is also registered and regulated by Ofsted with all camps graded at either Good or Outstanding, plus they accept childcare vouchers too!!

There are still last-minute places available, to check available dates and to find one near you visit:

Super Camps Talbot School

The kids had an absolutely brilliant time and are itching to go back and visit again in the holidays.

I’m working with Super Camps and BritMums promoting the #SuperCampsKids campaign sponsored by Super Camps. Visit to find a camp near you.

22 thoughts on “Summer holiday fun with Super Camps multi-activity holiday camps

  1. Jo says:

    My kids love going to a good holiday club they find it so exciting and like to make new friends on their little adventures.

    I must say that this holiday club sounds quite good too. I would have considered trying super camps but I think my kids would wonder why they’re not going to get active sports so I won’t upset them but if anything changes I might consider them in the future after reading your fantastic post.

    Thank you for a great read.

  2. Ting at MTM says:

    I think having a key person is such an excellent idea, because it’s a scary thing for kids to enter a new environment with new people. So having a constant, is very reassuring for kids and parents.

  3. It’s interesting to see what the observations form for early years looked like. They told me about it at our Super Camps, but my two are both beyond this stage. We didn’t have quad bikes, but go-karts instead. My two loved them!
    Nell (Pigeon Pair and Me) recently posted…#CoastalAdventures at Pendine Sands, south Wales: Laugharne, Llansteffan and AmrothMy Profile

  4. Taylor Smart says:

    Wow! they are jam-packed with so much activites! you are going to have some very tired kids after that!

  5. I like that they have different activities every day. You really need that over summer to keep the kids engaged. Great post!
    Jen from recently posted…Hotel review: Best Western Port Aransas, TexasMy Profile

  6. I always loved camping as a kid! I would love to consider summer camp when I have kids x

  7. Madeeha says:

    Great selection of activities. I love summer camps. They really enhance kids skills.

  8. Sally Akins says:

    The range of activities at these camps is fantastic – a great mix of sports, messy activities, arts… I love that they have something to suit everyone!

  9. Kirsty says:

    Quad biking would be my favourite. I’ve done it before and loved it. I really like the little update you get and awards for completing the activities and homework. A brilliant concept x

  10. Such a brilliant idea, I always think that these kind of activities give children so much confidence and experience.

  11. This is such a fabulous idea! I have always loved the idea of summer camps, but round our way they are just far too expensive, sadly. But this looks awesome.

  12. These sound like such a great idea as the summer holidays can be tough when parents have to work but also trying to find enough to cover 6 weeks x

  13. Laura says:

    Oh these sound like so much fun, mine would love muggle quidditch! I love the idea that summer camps are starting to be a thing over here.
    Laura recently posted…Review | The ForgottenMy Profile

  14. Charli says:

    They offer some great options – Muggle Quidditch sounds amazing, is there an adult session for that?
    C x

  15. Jen says:

    Such a fab idea for working parents! It’s always a struggle trying to keep them occupied!

  16. Emma says:

    My kids loved this as well. We tried one at Easter and they have begged me to go back over summer.
    Emma recently posted…Summer science for hot daysMy Profile

  17. Camps sound like really good fun. I’m sure mine would love to go and do the various activities. I just discovered there is one local to us.
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…Caviar Platinum Intensive Modeling Day And Night CreamMy Profile

  18. I think things like this are great for the kids over the summer and it sounds like they had a wonderful time!

  19. Super camp sounds like it was so much fun especially since kids get to do some exciting activities together. I would love to send both my kids to this

  20. I like the sound of this summer camp. My sister has been researching them. She plans to send her kids for some days.

  21. Abbi says:

    Looks like they had an absolutely brilliant time. I’m going to tell my sister in law about this, in case the neices want to try it!

  22. Summer camp isn’t something that I’ve considered. I think next year when both my girls are old enough to go, they would enjoy going together! It looks like they loved it

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