Summer craft ideas for you and the kids


Sometimes the weather doesn’t always allow those promised days of sandcastles on the beach or walks in the park so you have to improvise with some crafty days inside, sticking fingers together and getting generally messy.

But if you’re stuck for projects for you and the kids to undertake, try out some of these great ideas:

Pretty pinwheels

Is the weather looking particularly breezy out there? Then take advantage of it by making pinwheels and placing these in the flowerbeds to watch as they spin round. Dig through your Home Crafts Craft Supplies and pick out brightly coloured or reflective material to really create an eye catching effect for the garden; here’s a great tutorial to test out.

Paper fans

If you’re lucky enough to be located somewhere where the weather has warmed up considerably, then these are a great and practical craft project – as the kids can use the paper fans to keep themselves cool inside the house. It’s as simple as folding stiff card and attaching to a stick to use as a handle!

Stepping stones 

This project will require a great deal of adult help and supervision, so ensure you’re on hand to supervise! If you fancy adding a personal touch to the garden, ask the kids to help you create some special paving stones that can be featured in the path leading up to the decking area or even embedded in the lawn.

Simply take an old cake tin, some concrete, mesh wire, contact paper and some pretty stones and glass or even old crockery and use all this to create some decorative stepping stones for the summer – you’ll find a good tutorial here.

Seashell memories

Are you planning a trip to the seaside during the summer? Then task the kids with collecting as many shells and pretty stones as they can and then using these to decorate picture frames that can then be placed around the house. They’ll need some help with this as the glue required will need to either be superglue or a hot gun to ensure the shells stick!

Flip flops

Flip flops are a summer staple when the warmer weather arrives and we ditch hot feet and socks for freeing our toes to the elements. A great summer craft is to get your kids to create their own customised flip flops using an old pair and repurposing them with some fabric of your choice.

Paper Frisbees

Are the kids looking a little bored in the back garden? Then pull out that stock of paper plates you have in the cupboard and get them creating their very own colour paper Frisbees to throw around – and inevitably lose over the fence. You just need some packing tape, two paper plates and plenty of felt tips to decorate, follow this tutorial to find out how it’s done.

Get the kids’ creative brains going this summer and create some treasured memories for when they return to school once it’s all over!

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