#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

Women in sport is a hot topic at the moment.

Euro 2017 kicked off yesterday with both England and Scotland, who are in group D, playing on Wednesday evening, the Women’s Cricket World Cup is currently being hosted in the UK and the Wimbledon finals were held over the weekend.

When I was at school girls were limited to Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Rounders but in this day and age girls are being positively encouraged to try their hand at many more sports, including football.

Eliza has been asking to play football for a while now and whilst there is an afterschool club, it clashed with Rainbows, so we put it off for a term.

The Football Association and SSE have teamed up to launch a new initiative in 2017, SSE Wildcats, designed to inspire girls aged between 5-11 to be involved in the sport, with regular opportunities to play football and we were invited along to take part in a session.

SSE Wildcats

SSE Wildcats give girls the chance to take part in organised sessions in a fun and engaging environment created exclusively for girls.

SSE WildCats

The beginning of the session saw the girls put into pairs and they had to complete some fun challenges, including rock, paper, scissors which had Eliza and Ellie, from Little Stuff,  in fits of giggles.

SSE WildCats

These games helped them bond with each other, get warmed up and learn fundamental skills.

SSE WildCats

It wasn’t long before a football was introduced to the games and there were lots of giggles as they tried to roll it along other each others arms and to catch it again.

SSE WildCats

Once the warm up was done, the kids were divided into their age groups, with Eliza joining the 5 and 6 year olds. They then rotated with the other age groups, around a series of different games to try which each focused on a different set of skills.

SSE WildCats

Some required teamwork, others were based on ball skills and some were about speed.

SSE Wildcats

At 6, Eliza has a tendency to lose focus and give up if she is not kept engaged, but the instructors were brilliant and if they could see the girls struggling they switched the games up a bit to get them back on course.

SSE Wildcats

SSE believe’s that everyone deserves the same opportunities, regardless of gender and the Wildcats program gives girls the opportunity to discover a new sport, learn new skills and the confidence that brings, plus the opportunity to make lifelong friends.

SSE Wildcats

In the last part of the session, the older girls got to have a go at playing a game of football, whereas the little ones tried their hand a five-a-side. I am not entirely sure Eliza got the idea of the game as she kept picking the ball up, but they all had fun and loved scoring goals.

SSE Wildcats

SSE are the energy behind women’s football and are creating opportunities and making a difference at all levels of the game by giving over 1,000 girls the chance to kick a ball and enjoy the beautiful game for the first time.

At the end of the session, all the girls were awarded a Lioness Euro’s 2017 headband, a Euro’s 2017 Sports Bottle and a medal for their efforts, which they presented to each other.

SSE Wildcats

Pop group Little Mix have teamed up with the FA, calling on the nation to support the England women’s football ahead of the 2017 European Championship in the Netherlands with their son ‘Salute’ being used to help unify support for the Lionesses.

The girls and the coaches sent their own salute to the team ahead of their first match on Wednesday.

SSE Wildcats

Wildcats clubs, which have been running from spring, will continue through summer on a weekly basis and aim to provide a fun and safe space for girls to learn the game and make friends.

This initiative aims to show SSE’s continued commitment to increasing participation in the women’s game.

17 thoughts on “#SSEWildcats Girls Football Club

  1. Galam Duke says:

    Amazing post!……………………..
    Thanksssssssssss a looooot!

  2. Farul says:

    What a brilliant initiative !

  3. Wow the wildcats program sounds fantastic.I love that they create opportunities in sport regardless of gender!

  4. So lovely to see girls enjoying playing football! I used to be on a girl’s team when I was younger too!

  5. I am not at all sporty and neither is my eldest son. My daughter is very competitive and being the oldest in her year is also bigger and stronger than many of her peers. I think she will lean towards sports as she starts school

  6. A great initiative! Eliza looks like she had a great time. Given how successful women’s football is it’s a shame it’s not encouraged more for girls (and that it’s not as well publicised – I didn’t even know it was Euro 17 for the women’s team!)

  7. kerry norris says:

    Sounds like a great initiative and looks like they enjoyed it

  8. Jennifer durrans says:

    What a great thing for the kids to get involved with. So lovely and nice memories for you!

  9. This looks like great fun, I think it is great girls are encouraged to try football more. My eldest loved it and used to play on a girls team when she was younger x

  10. stephen says:

    My Father-in-law is involved in a community, FA approved, football programme for both girls and boys from the age of 3 to take part in!

  11. What a great idea. My Daughter always played football growing up with 3 brothers 🙂 She use to love it.

  12. Helen says:

    What a brilliant initiative – both my brothers loves football but I never got into it. Seeing the friends they made and the skills they learnt make it the perfect sport for girls and boys alike!

  13. Nicole skinner says:

    Awe great work and a great way to promote giving girls a choice in the sports they can play.. we had netball and hockey.. I couldn’t play either but I loved cricket and was never allowed to play because it was a boys sport.

  14. Talya says:

    Yes to girl’s football! My daughter loves to play and I would love to get her involved with something like this!

  15. Clare says:

    This looks like so much fun, neither of my elder two children are into sports sadly, I’m hoping Little Man enjoys it.

  16. Football is a great game and all children should be encouraged to take part. I hope your girl continues to love it.

  17. I think its great that places provide football for girls. It should be just as encouraged for girls as boys. I do remember when I was little going to a football day, but I got something wrong and the other girls made fun of me and that was it. I never went back 🙁

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