Splash About Limited Edition Shark Print Design Happy Nappy

I am very lucky that Sebastian’s weekly swimming classes with Turtle Tots are in a physiotherapy pool which is so warm it is almost like climbing into a giant bath, so winter swimming classes are relatively toasty, until you step out the door that is.

Sebastian is now in his second term of toddler classes and is coming on brilliantly.  He has always loved the water and the running joke in the clash is that he is wooing the girls in his class with his laid back attitude to swimming as he is very chilled out and just grins at everyone as we do our songs and swim practice.

Unlike many toddlers he loves swimming on his back and is more than happy to lie there with me just supporting his head.  He has also discovered the joy that is leaping into the pool from the side, well it’s more falling with style if I am honest, but he can now jump in and turn around to hold onto the side which is an important life saving technique.

New to us this term is the move towards independent swimming.  Jaz, our Turtle Tots teacher, gets Sebastian to jump in from the side onto a woggle whilst I am waiting the other side of the pool.  The idea is he kicks his way to me, although until now he has just floated towards me grinning.  This week we made real progress and he actually did some kicking!

Like most swim schools Turtle Tots insist that all babies and toddlers must swim in a ‘Double Nappy System’ unless they are completely and reliably potty trained. The Double Nappy is a normal disposable swim nappy eg Huggies little swimmer, Tesco swim nappy with a Neoprene Neonappy over the top. The Neonappy has thick bands of elastic at the legs and tummy which prevent any unwanted leakages. Thankfully Sebby hasn’t done this to me (yet), but there have been some pool closures in other classes due to accidents.

We were sent Splash About’s multi-award winning reusable neoprene swim nappy, the Happy Nappy to review in the brand new Shark print design, which sets the standard in UK baby swimwear. It is the only brand on the market that is insisted upon by over 90% of UK swim schools due to its effectiveness at preventing leaks of solids into the pool and comes in sizes from birth to toddler with an RRP of £9.99

They also sent me the Nappy Wrap (RRP £4.99) which is a reuseable alternative to the Huggies Swim Nappy which I can see is going to save me a lot of money!  This lovely, soft white cotton nappy wrap is embroidered Splash About logo and forms part of their fantastic, environmentally friendly nappy system. The nappy wrap makes cleaning up any little accidents much easier, it can also be used with the fully flushable, bio degradable nappy liners too.

Splash About

If you are not lucky enough to swim in a pool as warm as ours, Splash About also have their award-winning BabyWrap in the same shark print design which is specifically designed to maintain a baby’s core body temperature, ensuring babies and toddlers are kept warm in the water which is the best way to help them enjoy their time learning to swim.

Made from supple neoprene it opens flat making wriggling babies easier to dress and its subtle stretch and adjustable fastenings give a snugger fit for longer. It’s a ‘must have’ addition to your baby or toddler swim kit this winter. Suitable from birth to 30months with an RRP of £22.99

For all winter swimming, Splash About has it covered, if only they came in adult sizes…


17 thoughts on “Splash About Limited Edition Shark Print Design Happy Nappy

  1. so cute! Wilf used to do this and I’ve been meaning to get back into it with him x
    Fritha Strickland recently posted…My VillageMy Profile

  2. Oooo I’ve never heard of Splash About. I usually stick to Konfidence but it would be great to try another brand too.
    Thanks for sharing hun, will be checking them out.
    Charlotte x
    Charlotte Braithwaite recently posted…Bluestone Wales National Park UK BreaksMy Profile

  3. Ah so cute, what a fab pattern x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…5 Things; That Make Mr Hubby My LobsterMy Profile

  4. Falling with style… like Buzz Lightyear flying? Wow. Toy Story on the brain. It’s all Clayton goes on about lately. It’s funny, mine loved swimming on his back as a baby and hates it as a toddler.
    Ryan Costello recently posted…Bluestone Wales ReviewMy Profile

  5. Michelle says:

    Bless him! He sounds like he’s doing so well! xxx

  6. oana79 says:

    Brilliant, wish I had done this with Emma when she was younger.xx
    oana79 recently posted…Emma’s January ReviewsMy Profile

  7. Thankfully we are past this stage now but swim nappies have come on so much in recent years.
    nessjibberjabberuk recently posted…Sunday Snap – The Royal ParkMy Profile

  8. That swim nappy is so stylish. When my son was little they weren’t very nice at all. Glad he is doing well with his swimming, it’s such an important skill to learn when they are young.
    mellissa williams recently posted…Seriously Sexy Kitchens And AccessoriesMy Profile

  9. I wish we could take the kids swimming more often, but with three under four it is impossible to all go because of the ratios. Love his swim nappy!
    Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows recently posted…Project 365: Week 6My Profile

  10. that is a avery cute swimming nappy! i need to get some for my youngest in preparation for summer! thank you for the reminder.
    otilia stocks recently posted…Home Spring Inspiration – Shades of BlueMy Profile

  11. Mina Joshi says:

    It’s good to get children to start swimming from when they are babies. When I had my kids – we used to buy these plastic plants to put over nappies!! It’s good that there are good reusable nappy pants available now.
    Mina Joshi recently posted…Review: Salicylic Acid 2% Daily Gentle PeelMy Profile

  12. This sounds like a great range of swimwear for little ones. The BabyWrap is an excellent idea.
    Mums do travel recently posted…Things to do in London with kids: FebruaryMy Profile

  13. Very stylish swimming nappy, well done Sebastian for swimming so well!
    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo recently posted…Valentine’s Day in FranceMy Profile

  14. Jen Walshaw says:

    I love that this is reusable and I for one think it is fab. I hate the disposable swim nappies and my boys who both went swimming from 3 weeks old NEVER wore one. They had a reusable swim nappy and we never had any issues
    Jen Walshaw recently posted…40 Amazing pancake toppings and Win a pancake packMy Profile

  15. Aww he is doing so well with his swimming classes, I really wish I’d take Tigger as he hates going swimming. I love the idea of the reusable wrap that goes inside the swim nappy, a great way to save money on swimming nappies (their so expensive)
    Polka Dot Family recently posted…Harry Potter Book NightMy Profile

  16. ninjcat says:

    Little Seb is putting me to Shame I can’t swim !
    Well done Seb !
    ninjcat recently posted…Seared Scallops And Wilted Greens And ChorizoMy Profile

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