Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf

Scoob Scarf

I am quite confident about breastfeeding in public.

I have breastfeeding attire in my wardrobe ranging from dressed to tops and even the breast vest which enables me to wear my own tops and still breastfeed discreetly.

However, there are occasions where I do feel exposed, stared at and even uncomfortable.  I was even asked to leave a childs’ party recently and feed Sebastian in the toilet.

Then I was offered the Snoob Scarf to review.

The website describes it as versatile, discreet and above all stylish.

Made from 100% cotton jersey it is super soft.  It comes in a large circle of material which you simply loop around your neck twice to be worn as a scarf.  I forgot my coat when I took Eliza ice skating and it was the perfect addition to my outfit to keep me warm.

Snoob Scarf

Proof that the Snoob will outlast your breastfeeding days.

To use as a breastfeeding scarf you simply un-loop the scarf once and use the material to cover you and the baby as much or as little as you like.

Snoob Scarf


Sebastian is 8 months now and it covers him well.


Scoob Scarf



He has a tendency to want to know what is going on around him, especially if its noisy like it was in the soft play centre, but I covered him up so he couldn’t see what was going on and he snuggled in for a much needed snooze.


Snoob Scarf



Because the snob scarf has plenty of material there is no need to move the scarf when swapping sides and your dignity is maintained.  You can even use it as a blanket if need be.

The other added bonus is that it hides that post baby tummy when worn as a scarf – always a bonus!

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106 thoughts on “Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf

  1. Alisa Moore says:


  2. Natalie Crossan says:

    Sand x

  3. michaela atkins says:

    grey please

  4. LORNA WIL says:

    Cloud grey

  5. Brenda Maria Bradley says:

    Hard to choose but the cloud grey would go with most things

  6. jodie harvey says:

    grey please x

  7. Sarah Cadman says:

    Cloud grey, love them all though 🙂

  8. Naomi Buchan says:

    Cloud Grey would be lovely x

  9. Hayley Todd says:

    I love the Dusky Pink colour x

  10. Joseph Mitchell says:

    Id pick the cloud grey.

  11. catriona nation says:

    Cloud gray

  12. Chantelle Kemp says:

    I would choose Cloud Grey 🙂 Lovely scarfs.. fingers crossed!! x

  13. Susan Carter says:


  14. Lucy says:

    These look great – love the cloud grey.

  15. Diana says:

    Olive 🙂

  16. Emma Green says:

    Cloud grey

  17. karen dixon says:

    Cloud grey

  18. carol boffey says:


  19. Amy Beckett says:

    Cloud grey look lovely

  20. Joanna Sawka says:


  21. Lani Nash says:


  22. kate says:

    the cloud grey looks lovely

  23. emma falvi says:

    dusky pink

  24. Lauren B says:

    I’d love this in Cloud Grey, my favourite colour, goes with everything!

  25. amanda says:

    Olive or the cloud grey, both are lovely

  26. Victoria B says:

    Cloud Grey

  27. L Griffiths says:


  28. jessica newman says:

    dusky pink

  29. Lynn Parry says:


  30. carly bryan says:


  31. PM LIU says:


  32. Laura Vitty says:

    Dusty pink 🙂

  33. Samantha Atherton says:


  34. alex fowler says:

    cloud grey

  35. Fran Rowland says:

    Love the grey scarf!

  36. Megan Adams says:

    Dusky pink 🙂

  37. Natalie Gillham says:

    Dusky Pink 🙂

  38. Zoe Roxby says:

    The Sand colour goes with anything

  39. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    Cloud grey

  40. aliceColling says:


  41. Alison says:

    Cloud grey – would go with anything!

  42. Tracey Whysall says:


  43. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Cloud Grey

  44. marie lindsay says:


  45. Clint Howat says:


  46. Sian Lennon says:

    Goodness – either the olive or the pink?

  47. Laura Coe says:


  48. Katie Dann says:

    I love the Cloud Grey and Dusky Pink… I think I would ultimately chose the grey 🙂

  49. Sarah L says:

    Cloud Grey 🙂

  50. Spencer Broadley says:


  51. Elizabeth Ferguson says:


  52. justine meyer says:

    dusty pink would be nice please

  53. Solange says:

    Cloud Grey

  54. lowri earith says:


  55. Clare Hubbard says:

    Cloud grey

  56. Denise C says:

    Cloud Grey

  57. Helen Grayson says:

    Dusty pink would be my choice

  58. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I like Cloud Grey

  59. georgie pope says:

    cloud grey

  60. Lara Davis says:

    Cloud grey xx

  61. Laura Pritchard says:

    I like Cloud Grey

  62. emma thackery says:


  63. Susie Wilkinson says:

    Cloudy Grey <3

  64. Laura Oxley says:

    olive 🙂

  65. Miriam Said says:

    Any colour.

  66. wendy says:

    What a great idea and love the idea it can be doubled up as a blanket
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  67. Gina M says:

    I’d go for the olive

  68. jodie B says:

    I would choose grey

  69. Tammy Tudor says:

    dusty pink 🙂

  70. Caroline H says:

    I’d choose the olive.

  71. Carol Massey says:

    I would opt for sand as it will go with any outfit

  72. Kat Lucas says:


  73. sofia ramos says:


  74. Definitely cloud grey

  75. Rachel Craig says:


  76. Jen hague says:

    Dusky pink

  77. Holly S says:

    Cloud grey 🙂

  78. claire woods says:

    Dusky Pink

  79. Alexandra Byford-Scott says:

    Cloud Grey

  80. alex bradley says:

    Olive 🙂

  81. richard hill says:


  82. Harley says:

    Cloud grey

  83. Joanna says:

    Cloud grey is my favourite

  84. sam garrett says:

    I’d love the grey cloud please

  85. kathryn phillips says:

    Dusky pink

  86. Catherine Culmer says:

    Cloud grey

  87. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Cloud Grey for me, but all of the colours are lovely 🙂

  88. Corinne says:

    It would have to be Olive, my favourite colour.
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  89. Jill Webb says:

    Snoob sand please

  90. kim neville says:

    Cloud grey

  91. Emma says:

    wow what a good idea. Looks very stylish too 🙂

  92. Claire Scott says:


  93. Lisa Sands says:

    Dusky Pink please 🙂 x

  94. Samantha J says:


  95. laura stewart says:

    Grey please

  96. Fiona B says:

    Cloud Grey

  97. S Edwards says:


  98. hannah oneill says:


  99. suan watts says:

    Cloud grey

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