SmART Sketcher Projector Review

Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian love to draw.

In fact, they each have their own doodle pads which are filled with their sketches. Isaac loves to draw cartoon style characters, whereas Eliza tries her best to portray real life. Sebby on the other hand, is still at the stick people stage and we have to make our best guesses at what he has drawn.

We were sent the SmART sketcher Projector to review and the kids couldn’t wait to try it.

smART sketcher

In the box is the smART sketcher projector, an AC adapter and a memory card. You can also use batteries if you choose and it takes 4 x D batteries (not included).

On the memory card are pre-loaded ‘learn to draw’ pictures or you can use the free downloadable app to load your own photos, available on App Store, Amazon and Google Play.

Smart Sketcher iPad

On the front of the smART sketcher there are easy to use buttons for moving through the drawing steps and choosing new pictures to draw.

Spaceship smART sketcher

The kids LOVE it, so much so that I have gone through a whole pad of paper in two days as they want to draw everything. Isaac prefers taking pictures and let the app turn them into drawings and then projecting them onto paper so he can trace them.

Isaac drawing

Eliza and Sebby on the other hand, enjoy copying all the pictures on the memory card.

Sebby smART sketcher

It is also helping Sebby with his handwriting as it has letters to trace too.

Much as they love it, I have a couple of small issues with it. The A/C adapter is not long enough, although this can be solved with the addition of batteries and you cannot adjust the height of the smART sketcher to make your pictures fill the page, unless you stand it on a box, or books.

Smart Sketch collage

That said, with 50+ smART activities with interactive sounds and special effects, it is a great toy and is going to keep the kids occupied for hours.

The smART sketcher projector is available from all good toy shops and has an RRP of £69.99 although is currently on offer at £64.99 in Smyths Toy Shop.

18 thoughts on “SmART Sketcher Projector Review”

  1. Is there a way to adjust the size of the images ? I’ve been trying to contact the makers for 3 weeks and still haven’t received a reply

  2. I love this, it reminds me of something I had when I was young, I love that its pre-loaded and kids can learn quite easily. I am still not good at drawing but moved past the stick figures


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