Sleeping Through


Not that I have been counting but I had not had a full nights sleep for 690 days!!!

Sebby is now 694 days old and has finally slept through the whole night for three days on the trot and I am hoping it stays this way.

So what has changed?

We have taken the side of his cot and changed it into a toddler bed.  He has a proper duvet and pillow of his own, although I bought the Gro-To-Bed set for my own piece of mind as the pillow is attached to the sheet and the duvet zips onto the sheet which stops him kicking the duvet off as well as preventing him from falling out of bed.

It has been two months since he stopped breastfeeding and I did notice the routine start to change then.  He used to cry about 1am and I used to bring him in to bed with us with the intentions of putting him back in his bed when he fell asleep again…….it rarely happened as I would fall asleep too.

The 1am wake up became 4am and again he would come into bed with us as there was no way I was getting up at that ungodly hour.  It has stayed at that time since the clocks changed.

This week we have done nothing different.  His body clock is still a bit out from the clock changes and we have not been able to get him in bed until 9pm, however, I am more than happy to take this if it means I get an uninterupted full nights sleep!

Now all I need to do is stop myself waking at 4am expecting him to get up so I feel refreshed myself!

19 thoughts on “Sleeping Through

  1. Emmys Mummy says:

    Well done Sebby – clever boy. Hoping it has lasted and you are beginning to sleep through yourself now.
    Wish mine would – Emmy is 5 and still doesnt
    Emmys Mummy recently posted…Review: Fairy Charm Jewellery from InterplayMy Profile

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    aww wow .. go Sebby! hope you get lots more sleep now lovely x
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Parents, Periods & Possible MeltdownsMy Profile

  3. Yay! How wonderful! I cannot bare the thought of being woken up during the night anymore. My twins didn’t sleep through either until they were on their way to being three years old! Awful. Now they’re as good as gold. Obviously there are disturbances sometimes with kids, it’s to be expected, my daughter still wakes up occasionally and she’s nearly 10 now! So happy for you 😉 x
    Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours recently posted…Gellish NailsMy Profile

  4. bet you’re glad for a full nights sleep! We are currently struggling at night – Jack recently started pre school and every night since he started he has been waking.. not sure what to do!
    Rebecca Smith recently posted…Blloon | A Great New App For ReadingMy Profile

  5. Jen Walshaw says:

    I know this feeling, neither of mine slept through for a long time. We had one of those bed sets and it was ace for transition too and this was 9 years ago!
    Jen Walshaw recently posted…10 Great games and activities for kids to encourage play in the gardenMy Profile

  6. Aw yay go Sebby for sleeping through! I know that feeling of still waking up even when they do sleep through and you get so annoyed at yourself! xx
    Jess Howliston recently posted…OXO tot feeding utensils **REVIEW**My Profile

  7. Globalmouse says:

    I went for about 14 months with each of mine not sleeping through…it’s hard to not have a full night’s sleep….really hard! Glad you’ve cracked it now, hope it long continues!!
    Globalmouse recently posted…A super sweet trip to Cadbury World, Bournville, BirminghamMy Profile

  8. Sonya Cisco says:

    Well done him – I think Syd has only been sleeping properly through the night for a few months now!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…The Gardens at Minterne HouseMy Profile

  9. Yeay – mine both slept through from very early but then went through a phase of waking through the night later. I was like a zombie at one point x
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…I have clearly failed as a parent….My Profile

  10. Michelle says:

    Wow I bet it feels good to finally have a proper nights sleep 🙂 xx
    Michelle recently posted…The Weekly Top 5 #6My Profile

  11. Ninja at says:

    Yay Sebby for sleeping through !
    Hope you crack sleeping through yourself ! X
    Ninja at recently posted…There’s A Packet Of Dinosaurs On The Window SillMy Profile

  12. Ness says:

    Oh good grief! I remember with my son I didn’t get more than three hours sleep in one go for over a year. I don’t know what changed but suddenly my son decided to start sleeping through! I know what you mean about expecting them to wake as well as there was a couple of times I rushed into his room realising he hadn’t woken all night and I had to check he was OK.
    Ness recently posted…Sunday Snap – Cavendish’s CastleMy Profile

  13. Rachel says:

    It sounds as though mummy can learn a few things from Sebby x
    Rachel recently posted…Online Shopping!My Profile

  14. Well done Sebby and well done you for making it through the broken nights stage. Once you start having a decent night’s kip again you won’t know yourself!
    Joanne Mallon recently posted…Rome in a dayMy Profile

  15. Sarah Bailey says:

    Aww well done him! It sounds like it has really helped you all – here’s hoping he keeps sleeping through for you. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…4 great ways to clear the clutter in your homeMy Profile

  16. Yay well done Sebby. Hope it continues and you can all get a good sleep x
    angela hamilton recently posted…Scars – Rebuild Your Self Esteem.My Profile

  17. We had a ‘Gro To Bed’ set too! It seemed to really help with the transition from cot to bed.
    Ruthy @ Minibreak Mummy recently posted…Sugar-free me – the results!My Profile

  18. Mrs B says:

    Well done Sebby, I hope you all continue to enjoy a good nights sleep! Can I ask, were you still feeding t night when he woke or did he wake just for cuddles??
    I’m still going at 510 with not much of a routine. It’s great to her about other mamas whose little ones have learned how to sleep at around this age.
    Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Will need to look into the blanket and pillow, thanks!

    • ChelseaMamma says:

      I stopped feeding a couple of months ago but initially he still woke for cuddles, but he started sleeping longer and longer after a while and now its all night!

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