Silver Cross Pioneer Dolls Pram Review

Silver Cross Pioneer

Ever since our Luvabella doll, Iris, joined the family, Eliza has been asking for a doll’s pram so she can push her around.

Of course, she didn’t want any old dolls pram, but one like real baby’s use.

Silver Cross have just launched a new range of dolls prams and invited is to choose our very own to review.

Eliza is a big lover of the colour pink, however, as Sebastian enjoys playing with dolls too I opted for the Silver Cross Poineer 5-in-1 Dolls pram in Eton Grey.

This versatile Silver Cross Pioneer is a pram…a pushchair…and a carry cot all in one.

Like most prams / pushchairs it arrived boxed, requiring some assembly. It took just a couple of minutes to clip in the wheels and attach the carrycot to the base and then we were ready to go.

Silver Cross Pioneer

The carrycot is easy to convert to a pushchair by simply using the poppers to fasten it together.

Silver Cross Pioneer

The pram / pushchair can be front or rear facing and has different positions so the doll sit up or lie flat.

Silver Cross Pioneer

The pushchair even comes with a nice deep basket, perfect for storing a blanket or any toys they want to take along.

Silver Cross Poineer

The pram also comes with swivel front wheels, a soft adjustable handle bar so it grows with your child and a retractable hood with ribbon flower detail and adjustable bumper bar.

Silver Cross Pioneer

My only issue with this pushchair is that it comes with a black plastic trim for the middle of the rear wheels which keeps popping out and we have lost one, but this does not affect its performance. I would advise gluing these in if you get one.

Silver Cross Wheels

The Silver Cross Pioneer 5-in-1 Dolls Pram has a RRP of £59.99 and you can also buy accessories including a sunshade, changing bag and rain cover for added authenticity.


19 thoughts on “Silver Cross Pioneer Dolls Pram Review

  1. Jake Ferrer says:

    Oh this is so cute! I have never seen this before. I think my daughter will love this for Christmas gift.

  2. Charlotte says:

    This is so sweet! I love the idea of a little recreation of the big ones, it can match what you used to push them in :p One of my friends bought her daughter a silver cross when she was born and a matching one at the same time for when she got bigger!

  3. Nadia says:

    That really is a stylish doll’s pram and looks like it is a big hit with your little lady. I think this would be loved by any child.

  4. Linda Hobbis says:

    That’s a serious kiddy pram. We had a real Silver Cross when my sister was born – it’s such an iconic brand. Someone is a lucky little girl.

  5. That toy pram actually looks a lot better than some of the “travel buggies” that I’ve seen… And indeed, the first pram that we had for our daughter, hahaha

  6. I’ve had so many mums talking about this in the cafe. It looks better than the one I was pushed around in lol!!!

  7. I had no idea that Silver Cross had now created prams for dolls but I love how stylish and functional they look! x

  8. Kelly Jones says:

    Wow dolls Pram s have got so flash I remember having one of those little fold up ones. The quality sounds so good and at least it will last your little one and look stylish at the same time.

  9. Justine says:

    Pretty sure this children’s pram is better than the full size one I push my little girl around in. I love that it really is a mini version.

  10. Oh this is really quite impressive. It looks like it could be a real pram.

  11. Kirsty says:

    This so cute. It looks like a real buggy. The detailing from the swivel wheels and soft handle bars are brilliant. I do love the grey colour.

  12. Sonia Cave says:

    Oh this is really gorgeous and children can feel like proper mummys and daddys pushing it

  13. Such a cute pram. When my girls were younger they had something similar.

  14. Thena Franssen says:

    I’ve never heard of this doll but this is probably because my girls are out of the doll phase. This ones looks really cute, and cuddly. I’m sure this would be a great addition for any little girl!

  15. That is so cute! My daughter also has a double Silver Cross pram for her doll too 🙂 Looks like yours also love hers. T may be seven, but she still loves playing with her dolls,

  16. What a gorgeous looking pram! My kids would love it! Can’t believe how affordable it is too

  17. Jon says:

    That looks an excellent pram! The build quality looks really good for a toy!

  18. Wow this really does look like a real pram, I’d have loved this for my dolls when I was a kid x

  19. This is so cute and your little ones certainly looks like she loves it! I think my little girl would love this for her babies too! I really like how it looks more “grown up” than the normal doll pushchairs you find.

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