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I dread checking the kid’s school bags these days – not for the dreaded homework, although could be a rant for another post, but for the dreaded “love letters” from the school.

I love my kids getting to go on school trips as I think they learn far more from an interactive day out, however, it’s the cost of these trips.  On each letter we are asked for a “voluntary contribution” followed by the line “this trip may be cancelled if we don’t get enough contributions”, so we are held over a barrel.

So far this term I have had to shell out £42 for Kian, £9.15 for Eliza and £7 for Isaac to be able to go on various school trips. Add this to after-school clubs and now I know where my money goes.  Gone are the days of me being able to get my hair done regularly or treating myself to a facial, it’s now paying for swimming lessons x 3, golf, football, dance x 2, climbing and beavers.

I don’t begrudge my kids doing any of these but when I sat down and worked out how much we spend as a family over a year on the clubs alone I nearly passed out – it works out over £2000!  Now I know why we struggle to afford a holiday.

I am an active member of our school PFA and we regularly hold events to raise money for the school and I help at most, if not all. With the funds we raise plus the pupil premium that the school receives for families under a certain wage bracket I feel that school trips should be free for all children, with the exception of the overnight / week long residentials that the children get to attend in years 5 or 6.

What are your views?

  • Should school trips be free for all
  • Do all your wages go on after school activities / clubs?



13 thoughts on “Show me the Money!

  1. Ickle Pickle says:

    Thank goodness my two older ones have no clubs and Pickle isn’t in school yet. Lukes Parkour lessons were £25 for 6 weeks, and Lea had the chance to go to Miami – at a cost of £2000!!! Kaz x
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  2. Globalmouse says:

    Wow that’s a lot of money!! I agree, there does seem to be a lot. My friend’s son is in year 5 and they were asked to pay £600 for the school trip. I couldn’t believe the school would run trips costing that much…it seems ridiculous.
    Globalmouse recently posted…Travel Inspiration – surprise trips abroad with KLMMy Profile

  3. Louisa says:

    Within days of starting our new school we had a £10 bill for a day trip and a £150 bill for residentials. Then there’s the endless list of things they want for themed days like dressing up outfits or unusual ingredients for cooking, it soon adds up.
    I think all education trips should be free to all pupils. They should have to pay for residentials and trips to theme parks etc but these should be partly subsidised for pupil premium pupils so that they can get to experience them to.
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  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    I’ve never been on the other side of the school trips and you don’t really think about it when your a child either. Amazing how it all adds up. x
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  5. In an ideal world it would be nice if school trips were free but as I am sure you know, schools struggle for funds as it is and trips cost money.
    RachelRealLife recently posted…Harry Turns FiveMy Profile

  6. wow when you work it out its a lot. Liam has only been on one school trip as he is only in Primary one and it cost £8 which isn’t too bad and only having him at school its not so expensive but when Sophie starts school in 2 years then I might be left crying lol.
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  7. Ouch! My son will be starting school in September so thankfully I don’t have too much experience of this yet. I did notice though that his school asks for a quid a week anyway just for normal lesson stuff. No idea if that’s normal but I was pretty surprised!
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  8. Jen Walshaw says:

    Tell me about it. £60 for one night residential. It costs me £17.50 a night with cubs.
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  9. mama syder says:

    I remember the days when school trips were free. When my boys first started (they are 24 & 25). Then all of a sudden we started getting letters home for contributions. I strongly belief all children should get to go on them free of charge. I’m glad it doesn’t affect me anymore x
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  10. Kids are expensive! I don’t know when I last treated myself to anything just for me…but yes I agree school trips should be either free or a very nominal charge.
    Phoebe @ Lou Messugo recently posted…Balkan Road Trip – driving the Lovćen roadMy Profile

  11. They can work out expensive can’t they? We have gym memberships for the kids for our local leisure centre and for less than £15 they can swim anytime, use the gym and do any of the classed so we get a lot for our money.
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