Short on Space? Use These Tips to Make Small Bedrooms Look Larger

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The UK has the 2nd smallest houses in the developed world, with the houses here only bigger than those in China.

Smaller houses can be tricky to fit in and can feel cramped.

When it comes to bedrooms, this is the last thing you need as it can affect your sleep quality and your overall well being.

If you are short on space, here are some décor tips to help your small bedroom appear and feel bigger.

1. Colour for Space

Paint can add or lessen the level of light in a room. The more light your chosen paint draws into a room, the bigger and airier the space feels. The reverse is also true.

The reasoning behind this is that lighter colours reflect light, while darker ones absorb light.

If you want to use two colours, use monochromatic tones. Contrasting colours could make a room appear smaller.

When it comes to drapes, select those made from a light fabric and with bright colours. Sheer white curtains are the best. However, any other lightly coloured ones will work just as well.

2. Think Minimalist

Cushions on a bed

Big bedrooms allow you a lot of leeway when it comes to furniture choices. Smaller ones are more limiting.

Huge, chunky furniture in a small room is not practical. Instead, you want smaller, possibly multi-functional pieces that allow some space all-round the room.

Bed SoS has a wide range of affordable double beds for kids. Most of these come with lean headboards as well, which take up minimal space.

In essence, have few necessary pieces of furniture with multiple uses. Resist the urge to have pieces that only serve a decorative purpose.

3. Store Creatively

Finding storage spaces higher up stashes things out of eye-level, making them less noticeable. This creates the perception of more room in the livable space.

Install shelves and coordinate their colour with the room. The idea is for them to blend in and be less noticeable.

Similarly, do your furniture shopping with storage in mind. Any pieces that have some storage space are great additions.

4. Keep Things Organized

Keeping a small room organized can be a challenge in itself because things tend to be on top of each other.

However, if you allow disorganization, the room will look smaller, and you will have no room to manoeuvre around the room.

On the other hand, a clutter-free room creates the perception of space, which in turn makes it look bigger. It also makes a place feel lighter and airier and more enjoyable because everything becomes easier to find.

5. Find Ways to Create Empty Spaces

The concept of empty spaces works exceptionally well in small houses.

Unused spaces communicate that a room is large enough to hold furniture and clothes and have some space left over.

As much as possible, try and have some empty floor space and clear patches of wall.

6. Hang Mirrors


Mirrors are a design staple that work well in virtually any room. For small spaces, they can be used to make a room appear larger than it is.

To do this, place mirrors directly opposite each other so that they bounce light around the room.

This improves lighting, which makes a room brighter. In turn, this creates the illusion of a bigger room.

Easy Does It

Essentially, when it comes to décor for smaller rooms, the rules remain much the same: few, lean pieces of furniture, light colours, open spaces, and clutter-free.

With these tips in mind, you can transform your small bedroom into a tranquil and restful oasis. You will hardly notice how tiny it really is.

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